7 12 Roof Pitch Identification

Aug 3rd
Style 7 12 Roof Pitch
Style 7 12 Roof Pitch

7 12 Roof Pitch Identification – the pitch is very important, especially depending on the style of home you are building. Knowing the style of the house will be very helpful in answering your question (e.g., home-style French courts will have a significantly steeper than the Spanish-style house). The higher the numbers above a steep roof pitch. The numbers actually refers to how many inches the roof rises (top number) by 12 “(bottom number) on the run.

Roof pitch is a term associated with the construction of the slope (rising vs. run) on the roof. For example the 7 12 roof pitch will raise 7 ‘height for every 12’ along the vertical run. Our warehouse has different roof pitches to both aesthetics and function (snow loads). For example, a steep roof pitch, the stronger the roof. Also, the steep roof will also allow snow to slide off easier than a flat roof. A steep roof pitch will also allow for more interior storage by simply adding attic.

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So 12/7 roof pitch will provide a 7 “rise for every foot of run, while the 10/12 will provide 10” rise for every foot of run. Many builders nowadays prefer to not use trusses, but still build an attic area.

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