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November 4, 2020 Furnitures

A Guideline of French Farmhouse Table: The Color and Decoration

A French farmhouse table is usually a sturdy table with simple lines made of a good wood. This type of table is not pretentious but often looks welcoming and friendly. Usually there are signs of wear and age that add to the table’s ambiance. French farmhouse tables are common to country, lodge and rustic decor styles. Below you will get complete information about the table related to the color choice and how to decorate the table well.

French Farmhouse Table Diy

The Color Choice for French Farmhouse Table

French farmhouse tables, often better known as French country tables, are frequently painted in a two-tone color scheme. The table’s top is painted one color while the frame and legs are another color, which does not mean you cannot paint your table a single, solid color, but doing so can keep it in the spirit of French country style and give you a timeless look that enlivens your kitchen or dining area.

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Almost Wood – Many French tables are stained rather than painted, revealing the wood’s natural beauty. If you are refinishing a French table, repaint the table rather than remove old layers of paint and prepare the wood for stain. You can keep the wood tone feeling in mind by using a natural color palette for your table. Try a beige color similar to the tone of raw wood for the table’s top, and use a chocolate brown or mahogany tone for the legs. Ivory on the tabletop also looks good with these darker leg colors, and you can use a dry brush with a tiny amount of paint to streak the tabletop with the leg colors to create a faint impression of wood grain. Use sage green place mats and settings for a classic look, red or blue for a country kitchen style or an array of browns for a modern look.

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Brick and Stone – Take your cue from the materials found in old country French kitchens rather than traditional table colors. Paint the base and legs of your table a deep brick red, and sponge small amounts of black on top to create an old brick look. Paint the top a medium gray, and sponge light and dark gray on top to simulate stone texture. Add a hint of moss green to both the top and legs to tie the whole thing together, which works particularly well if you plan to keep a live plant or cut flowers on the table.

Bright and Clean – Give the table a fresh, new look by painting the entire table with a very light cream-colored paint anywhere in the just off-white to ivory to rich cream range. Find a stencil pattern you like, either a natural plant stencil to evoke the country theme or a fleur de lis to harken back to the classic French monarchy. Choose a stencil with delicate lines rather than bold strokes, and sponge it onto the table with a medium grayish-blue paint. Accent this paint scheme with deep red place settings to incorporate classic French country colors.

Decorating a French Farmhouse Table

The idea of farm life conjures an array of images: quiet country roads, an old barn, tall grass and baled hay. Perhaps cows and chickens come to mind or a border collie running though rolling fields. These images often create an intense feeling of home, and that feeling can be recreated at the French farmhouse table.

Fabrics – Make use of white knitted lace, red-and-white gingham or farm print fabric for tablecloths. The tablecloth creates a cohesive design with the table’s centerpiece. Choose place mats that coordinate well with the tablecloth fabric. The decorator doesn’t have to choose place mats in the same pattern or texture as the tablecloth. Don’t be afraid to pair white lace with the gingham or gingham with farm print. Just make sure that all the colors are coordinating. Another important piece of fabric used for a farmhouse-styled table is a doily. Hand-knitted doilies often come in a variety of colors. The intricate detail work of the doily can be a true work of art. They can be found at most antique stores, and at department stores.

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Flower Vases – Milk glass flower vases, bowls and compote dishes are typical flower containers for a farmhouse table. However, typical is not always better. The creative decorator could choose a small butter churn filled with sunflowers or chrysanthemums instead of a milk glass vase. Milk pails, flower pots, watering cans and old coffee tins would also make intriguing choices to hold flowers.

Dishes – French farmhouse tables are excellent places to use novelty dishes and salt and pepper shakers. Select plates that incorporate a farm animal into their design. Roosters make an exceptional addition to the farmhouse kitchen. They can be found in many dish patterns, as well on salt and pepper shakers.

A French farmhouse table has a rustic, almost unfinished feel that shows the wear and tear of frequent use. The table brings a classic life of your dining time that will make you feel living in previous century.

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