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Affordable Home Landscaping Ideas

Our homes are our castles, our retreats, our memory makers, and that goes for our outside spaces as much as our inside spaces. Many people have an easier time creating comfortable, welcoming interior rooms than they do exterior landscapes that offer beauty and livability. That’s why we’ve gathered these affordable home landscaping ideas, some great reminders, others surprisingly easy and effective solutions, to give your house an outside boost.

Home Backyard Landscaping Ideas

List of Affordable Home Landscaping Ideas

A Landscape Plan – Plan your landscape with a design that makes the best use of your budget and available resources. Make a list of things you already have and may be able to include in your new landscape plan to help you save time and money by recycling instead of replacing. Have a plan before you begin and you’ll know exactly what you need for your new home landscape, where you’re going to get it and how much it will cost. Consult a landscape planner if you aren’t comfortable with making your own plan and perhaps save a few dollars later by paying for professional consultation now. When choosing plants for your project, pay attention to seasonal sunlight, soil conditions and drainage to give your plants the best chance for success and avoid the expense of changing plantings or replanting later. Consider how your landscape will be used and build a landscape that will tolerate yard activities without being damaged.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Affordable Home Landscaping Ideas

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Low-Maintenance Landscape – The Clemson University Cooperative Extension recommends planning a low-maintenance landscape for a minimum investment of time required to keep your landscape looking its best. Planning for low maintenance now will help you save time and money later, and you’ll enjoy your new landscape more if it requires less work to maintain it. Choose low-growing shrubs that require little trimming and use continuous beds with smooth, flowing edges that are easier to mow around than individual plants. High-maintenance plants that require lots of water, fertilizer and trimming are a waste if you can’t invest the time to care for them, and replacing them later costs money.

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Free Materials – Check with local building contractors and landscapers for sources of free landscaping supplies to use in building your new landscape, such as chunks of concrete from the removal of an old driveway or sidewalk. They’ll have to dispose of the pieces and the flat side of the chunks can still make a beautiful lawn path when positioned and buried properly. Landscapers, tree surgeons and public works departments may be a source of wood chips you can use for mulch, while local rock quarries may sell you stones and pebbles cheaper than you can buy from lawn and garden suppliers. Check out the gardens of friends and family as a source of cuttings for plants in your landscape so you can grow your own instead of buying them.

Beautiful home landscapes increase property value and curb appeal while giving the homeowner a sense of pride and fulfillment. Home landscaping projects need not be expensive, and a few affordable home landscaping ideas will help you create the beautiful surroundings you’ve always wanted for your home without breaking the bank.

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