Aluminum Roofing Vs Steel Roofing

Nov 10th
Rustic Aluminum Roofing
Rustic Aluminum Roofing

Aluminum Roofing Vs Steel Roofing – Aluminum roofing generally cost more than steel, although it can be as long as steel is properly protected from the weather. In coastal areas, aluminum is often worth the extra cost because of its ability to resist corrosion from sea air. It is important to also consider the cost of the painting and maintain steel with time when comparing the cost of these materials.

A steel roof is heavier than aluminum roofing, and often requires a reinforced structural framing system to properly support the extra load. On an existing home choosing aluminum instead of steel can mean fewer structural upgrades and an overall cheaper installation. With new homes, it can lower the price of steel make it more cost effective to reinforce the roof deck instead of the switch to aluminum.

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Steel is susceptible to rust and corrosion when exposed to air. Although aluminum roofing does not rust, is softer than steel. Its softer texture means it can dent quite easily, and should not be entered during installation or repair. Aluminum can also warp or buckle when installed on the vertical roof surfaces due to its softer composition. Steel tends to resist fire and heat easier then aluminum, which often require an advanced documentation system to increase its fire resistance.

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