How To Assemble A Backyard Drinking Fountain

Jun 17th
Best Backyard Drinking Fountain
Best Backyard Drinking Fountain

How To Assemble A Backyard Drinking Fountain – Here are instructions for installing a fast and easy drinking fountain that does not require plumbing skills. To supply water, all you need is a garden hose. This project is easy to do and the things you need is a drinking fountain kit that attaches to a garden hose, a new garden hose, a Y-splitter for ordinary garden hoses, and an in-line water filters for garden hoses

Buy a backyard drinking fountain that can connect to a standard garden hose from a hardware store or plumbing store. There are three resources below from the Internet if you cannot get it locally. You can find more from doing Internet searches. People drink from a garden hose all the time, but if you want quality water from the outside tap using an inline filter. Buy a line filter that can fit with a regular garden hose. Resources from the Internet are below in case they do not can be bought locally. Get a new hose if you feel that the old hose may have been compromised by bovine backyard life forms. Get a Y-splitter if you want to have separate lines for drinking and yard work.

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Mount the backyard drinking fountain. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to get the fountain installed permanently. Some types on the outside of the housing wall while others are mounted on the ground. If they are mounted on the ground, you may need to bury the hose a few inches into the ground to keep it out of the way of the fountain will stay in place permanently. Connect the Y-splitter to the hose Bibb (outdoor faucet). If you use in-line filter, decide if you want the filter at the end of the hose or the beginning of the hose. Connect the hose for drinking water line to the fountain. Turn on the water and test for leaks. If there are leaks in the connections making them harder? Add rubber washers between the terminals when necessary. If there are no leaks, enjoy your drinking fountain.

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