Assembling an DIY Indoor Fountain

Jul 6th
Unique DIY Indoor Fountain
Unique DIY Indoor Fountain

DIY indoor fountain – do not have to be hard to do to be beautiful and efficient. You can convert a ceramic planter in a Zen-like water feature with bamboo stalks and decorative stones in less than an hour.

Assemble the DIY indoor fountain where you plan to enjoy it; it is not easy to move a large ceramic planter filled with bricks and stones. Run the electrical cord of the pump through the drain hole and seal around it with plumbers putty or silicone waterproof. Your planter must be watertight. Stack the blocks to make multiple platforms for your bamboo or other plants, as well as to make a center tower for your stone.

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Place the pump in the bottom of the planter and run the hose through the center of the brick tower. Leave at least 5 inches of tubing at the top; you can cut it when you put the stone if necessary. Place your plants on the platforms, covering the brick and camouflage the pump with decorative stone. Remember to leave a way to access your pump easily. Pile more stone in the middle of your planter, build around the pipe. Fill the planter with water before turning on the pump of DIY indoor fountain.

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