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Attractive Boys Room Ideas

A lack of enthusiasm for the process of decorating can leave boys shortchanged with uninspiring boys room ideas and decors. However, young men appreciate living in an environment that not only expresses their current interests, such as baseball or dinosaurs, but stimulates their creativity as they begin puberty. No need to go with cutesy prints and childish designs; give your boys an unexpected treat by turning their room into an imagination stimulator themed around a heroic adventurer.

Boy Room Ideas

Boy Room Ideas

Gallery of Attractive Boys Room Ideas

International Spy – The clean lines, sleek curves, shiny black lacquer and polished aluminum of Art Deco fits with this fun theme, but has a style a boy won’t outgrow as he matures into his teen years. Add a pop of color with warm red bedding and paint the walls a midnight blue to soften the stark black and white while still keeping the color palette primarily cool. Keep the international spy themes subtle yet intriguing by incorporating hidden elements and secret compartments into the room. Create color balance by hanging a primarily red painting on the wall opposite the bed with a chalkboard attached to its flip-side. Suspend it from a center chain that allows the artwork to be flipped over while the spy’s hidden chalkboard is in use. Secret compartments can be installed in the bottom of dresser drawers and under the bed for boys to store all their benign hidden treasures.

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xpedition Leader – Take inspiration from the literary adventures of Hugh Lofting’s “Dr. Dolittle” and Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book,” for a tropical, 19th century boys’ room design. Select heavy wood furnishings carved with whimsical palm trees and other tropical designs. Soften the dark wood with crisp linens tented high over the bed like an expedition tent, well away from grubby hands. Rather than cartoon jungle animals in primary shades, opt for a more mature color palette of moss green on the walls and darker, forest green bedding to complement the Victorian style of historic expeditions. Further the expedition look by hanging pith helmets from the bedposts and framed, aged maps on the walls. Finish off the look with an up-to-date globe in sepia colors on a wooden stand and decorative artifacts from various cultures displayed on shelves as expedition finds.

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Steampunk Pilot – Steampunk is a retro sci-fi style created with the leather, gears and brass prevalent during the 19th century industrial age as Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, the fathers of science fiction, described them in their novels. Opt for a soft, yet rich brassy gold paint on the walls to accent the dark furnishings. Select chocolate brown furnishings with smooth modern lines to embellish with thin, metal watch gears or gear stencils. Add a brown leather, quilted headboard studded with brass tacks to the bed. Introduce the pilot concept with fur-lined leather gloves displayed in shadow boxes and vintage leather pilot goggles hung around a lampshade. Hang unframed photographs of cloud-filled skies on the walls and mount large, metal gears — purchased at antique stores and flea markets — in overlapping patterns over the images to create an abstract frame.

Taking boys room ideas from a nursery setting to one any kid would love to play in takes some imagination and help from the child in question. If your little boy is complaining that his room is to “babyish,” put the bassinet away and make a “big boy’s” room for him to enjoy. Include things he enjoys in neutral colors, and you can change the room as he ages.

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