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How to Decorate Twin Girls Room?

June 1, 2020 Bedroom

Awesome Girl Bedrooms

Awesome girl bedrooms go way beyond traditional pinks, ribbons and ruffles. Whimsical details, unusual color combinations, interesting layouts, vibrant patterns and relevant themes will make any bedroom into just the right kind of palace, fortress or chill-out lounge, where a girl can feel at home. Lift or adapt one of these awesome bedroom ideas to fit your budget and your girl’s style.

Awesome Girl Bedrooms Design

Create Awesome Girl Bedrooms

Unusual Beds – The main element in any bedroom, the bed, tends to dominate and define the space. Using a nontraditional bed can significantly change the feel and the layout of a room. Loading a fancy day bed with pillows will give a sweetly sophisticated look, transforming a single bed into a dainty sofa during the day. Light, floral prints can amplify the genteel, tea party look for romantic young girls.

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Play Up Color – Turn up the muted rose several notches to play brilliant pink against teal, magenta or buttery yellow. By rounding up a color palette that sticks to the same family, such as gemstone colors, neon or pastels, you can achieve a coordinated look without any chromatic scrimping. For balance, keep one element in the room neutral, such as white for the bedframe, cabinets, curtains or trim molding.

Paint a Picture – Add a mural for a truly artistic room. Working on just one wall can create a nice focal point without overpowering the room. Simple effects, like stripes or spots in harmonious colors, can add some fun detail to a room without requiring great technical skill. Some patterns even have a positive effect on the space; horizontal nautical stripes create the illusion of a wider wall and more space. Stencils or simple, repeated shapes create an illusion of wallpaper, with loose spacing and slight variations even easier on the eye than the tightly repeated patterns of traditional wall coverings.

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Combine Patterns – Traditional tastes wouldn’t recommend mixing different patterns. However, following a few precautions, two complementary patterns can combine to make a far more awesome room than just the sum of their parts. Select sheets, pillows and comforters that create a striking, but pleasing interplay. Look for patterns that have at least one element in common. For example, try a large and a small print pattern in the same color family. Two similarly sized patterns, in complementary tones, can also work well together. Avoid sensory overload by choosing one slightly subtler pattern and one eye-catching design with higher contrast. Selecting patterns of a similar style may also work nicely; a collection of Indian-inspired beaded pillows may give an overall look of opulence.

A girl’s bedroom can be her sanctuary within the home for the young occupant.  Above are some ideas with all the comforts a young lady could want.  These awesome girl bedrooms ideas can grow with her as she gets near her teenage years.  A girl’s bedroom is a place she will remember the rest of her life.

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