Bathroom Paint Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Sep 18th
Bathroom Paint Ideas

Whether it is a half bath or just a tiny room in an apartment or small house, decorating a small bathroom can always be challenging, but it doesn’t mean that it cannot have style. However, even the smallest bathroom, will be felt like a relaxing spa or a sumptuous retreat by choosing the right bathroom paint ideas for small bathrooms.

List of Bathroom Paint Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Pale Colors – Pale colors in cool shades can make any space feel larger because they tend to reflect the light. A cool pale lavender or blue could be chosen as bathroom paint color for your small bathrooms and for a clean, bright space, pair it with light- or white-painted wood cabinets and accessories. Other light shades of nature- inspired colors can also create a relaxing environment, though pale blue is a common color for spa-inspired bathrooms. Also consider shades of pale gray and green which are also soothing and helping your small bathroom feel larger. However, the number of colors you use in the small bathroom should be limited in order to prevent a color overload.

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Bright Colors – A good place to try out bolder colors that you might hesitate to use in a larger room would be a small bathroom. Small rooms are the ideal place to experiment with a bold punch of color, although a large room painted lime green or hot pink might feel overwhelming. You need to simply paint one accent wall with the dramatic hue and the remaining walls in a less shocking shade of the same color, if painting the whole room in a shocking hue like bright orange feels like it would be too much, also, by painting the remaining walls white, you have highlighted the contrast.

Neutrals – Especially in small rooms, you can almost never go wrong with neutral paint colors. A clean look would be made by shades of white and cream, while taupe, tan and beige coordinate with most bath accessories. Gray creates a sophisticated backdrop, and is an often overlooked neutral shade, which should be considered as well. Neutral paint, which coordinates with your cabinetry and fixtures, should be chosen as well as possible. Prevent clashing and a look that is not cohesive by avoiding mish cool and warm neutral shades.

Deep Shades – Particularly if you are using different values of the same color or adding texture to the walls, painting the walls of a small bathroom in dramatic or deep tone will not make the room feel smaller, contrary to popular belief. In a small room, deep shades of green, brown, blue, purple and even black can work well if you use them to enhance features in the room or add architectural interest where there is not any. For instance, paint the longer walls in a lighter shade of green, and the shorter walls in a deep hunter green, if your bathroom is shaped like a rectangle to make the room appear more balanced.

Choosing the right bathroom paint ideas for small bathrooms is difficult. Many paint stores provide catalogs that you can look through, if you’re having a hard time making a decision. Remember to take your time before making a commitment, since you’ll have to live with these choices for quite some time.

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