Beautiful Bedrooms for Girls: Decorating Ideas

Sep 28th
Beautiful Bedrooms For Girls Style

Decorating beautiful bedrooms for girls is a matter of practicality and comfort, combined with a dash of the girl’s personality. It’s the latter that determines how a room reflects the female occupant. In most cases, boy’s and girl’s bedrooms have the same basic components. In fact, there might not be much difference between the two in terms of decor, especially in the case of older children. Still, if you want the room to reflect a female’s touch, decorate accordingly.

To get beautiful bedrooms for girls, you should pay attention on these details perfectly:

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Colors – Both boys and girls can like green and blue for a bedroom, but it’s rare for a boy to want a pink or purple bedroom. For a room that screams “all girls,” choose colors in shades of pink or purple. You can add accent with creamy whites, pale yellows and other soft colors so that the room does not look like the inside of a giant pink gumdrop. Paint only one wall as an accent wall, for example, perhaps in vertical stripes of very pale pink and white, or paint the lower third of the wall periwinkle and add a white chair rail to accent it.

Patterns – Certain patterns are also indicative of a girl’s touch. Hearts and flowers, especially, are sweet in a girl’s room. Busy patterns, however, are best used in moderation. Try placing patterned throw pillows on a plain bedspread or replacing a solid-colored lampshade with a flowered one. Curtains edged in a pretty flowery ribbon are also an attractive choice.

Accessories – Both boys and girls enjoy space where they can display their treasured items, such as a bulletin board or a shelf. Dress up a girl’s space by covering the bulletin board with a pretty fabric. Simply staple it on over the cork or criss-cross the bulletin board with ribbons and let her slide photos, invitations and award certificates under the ribbons. Decorate shelves with stencils, paint and contact paper. Mirrors are a must in many girls’ rooms. Try creating a display of several small mirrors on the wall or go for the dramatic and hang one large, elaborately framed mirror. Choose accessories that reflect a decidedly girlish feel, such as paintings of fairies or “princess” decor.

Furnishings – Most girls love to hang out with their friends. Create a space that encourages relaxation and coziness. Place soft cushions on the floor or even a thick, lush area rug. Enhance the area by replacing the standard light fixture with a graceful chandelier that will give off a warm glow. Finally, keep in mind that your daughter’s tastes will change as she grows older. While it’s easy to change a bedspread or window treatments, it’s much harder to paint over an elaborate unicorn mural. Keep the walls and furniture simple but classic, so that they can grow with your child.

The bedroom design during those pictures is dominated by the pink color coupled with other beautiful colors. The styles are in those amazing beautiful bedrooms for girls. If you have daughters who’re teenagers, you need to provide them with exotic bedroom with beautiful colors which end up being the favorite color of the girls.

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