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September 28, 2020 House Design

Best Color for Contemporary Beach House

The trends surrounding beach houses have changed in that beach house colors were chosen from a minimal range of colors. Today, the interiors and exteriors of the contemporary beach house vary in colors and shades, including such colors as fluorescent pinks and blues.

Contemporary Beach House Design

Contemporary Beach House Design

Color Schemes – Beach house color schemes are commonly reminiscent of the surrounding environment of the sand and the sea. The colors can complement each other and focus on the exterior, interior or a fusion of the two. For instance, if the exterior color scheme is turquoise blue, then all of the trimmings, furnishings and accents found outside must match the color scheme. Inside, if the color scheme is bright, though the colors may vary, they must still complement each other. If there is a monotone color scheme inside and out, then the colors should match.

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Exteriors – Beach towns such as Destin, Florida, are filled with colorful houses that line the beaches. Whereas the beach houses from the past typically were shades of pale blue, gray and white, modern-day beach houses boast an array of bright and festive colors. Like the buildings that line Miami’s South Beach, beach house colors now include canary yellow, tangerine, mint green, powder blue, lilac and a spectrum of pinks that include blush, pale and fluorescent hues. Some beach houses still have more standard colors, such as dark greens, gray, beige and white.

Interiors – There is no current traditional color scheme for beach house interiors, but there is an underlying theme of bright and bold colors in contemporary beach house interior design. Fluorescent green and orange, shades of blue ranging from fluorescent to pale and bright color combinations such as a room with both banana yellow and fluorescent blue are modern and popular. Just as with the exterior, softer tones of white and cream are classic beach house colors, but there is a trend of painting rooms to reflect the shades of the ocean.

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Interior Colors for Contemporary Beach House

Earth Tones – Use natural tones like browns, tans and grays to paint your beach house interior. Earthy colors will bring nature indoors and create a serene environment for you to relax. However, avoid using these colors in darker shades. Doing so may weigh down the light and airy look of your rooms.

Colors of the Ocean – Shades of blue and green are a perfect way to extend the view of the ocean into the any room in your house on the beach. Try soft shades of blue like aqua, grey blue or even baby blue. Cool shades of green include sage green or a soft sea green. A mix of blue and green also works well to bring the ocean indoors.

Bring in the Bright – A beach house is a great place to experiment with bright colors. Using bright colors throughout your beach house can make you feel like you have walked into a tropical vacation. Paint with bright colors that mimic those found in nature. Colors like coral pink or a bright pineapple yellow are a good way to add color to an otherwise neutral palette.

Deciding on an interior color palette for your contemporary beach house is difficult. Most homeowners want a calm environment that echoes the natural elements surrounding their home, without letting the color palette become boring. Using earth tones and colors of the ocean brings in nature while bright colors add that extra bit of spice that you need.

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