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October 23, 2020 Chair and Sofa, Furnitures

Best Sofa Design 2020

Sofa is a principal part in the room, drawing room, central room, waiting room, or meeting room. In the market is full of interesting pieces making it easy to find the shapes, colors or sizes to suit individual needs. 2017 shows the advance of minimalist and futuristic style, that’s why the best sofa design 2020 comes with those ideas.

Quand Jim Se Relaxe Chair Footrest

Quand Jim Se Relaxe Chair Footrest

Gallery of Best Sofa Design 2020

Domeau & Peres Quand Jim Se Relaxe Chair & Footrest Design by Matali Crasset

12 Inspiration Gallery from Best Sofa Design 2020

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Made in multi-ply birch and natural leather, “quand jim se relaxe” is an original ensemble composed of a sofa chair and footrest. This project offers another seating option. Nothing is hidden, notably the wooden sofa frame, essential to remain visible as boasting a curved structure.

The birch plywood attests the acumen of well-mastered fiber consolidation. The frame adopts the role of comfort, continuing with symbolic recessed partitions, beckoning for assimilation and dialogue. The sofa goes back to the basics of comfort, omitting armrests, with no attention paid to posture or representation. Here the quintessence remains letting go and feeling as one with well-being.

This is named Ostrea and is a two-seats sofa for the public space. The designer was inspired by the 19th century’s bombastic divans and armchairs, which were richly decorated with tassels, fringes and drapes. She converted the old ornamentation into structures and she translated the bombastic shapes into a flowing, organic form. The oyster’s structure and colors also inspired her, hence the name which means oyster in Latin. She further worked with the contrast between rough and smooth, light and dark. The construction of the sofa consists of a base sculptured out in dense Styrofoam. The sofa is covered partly with cold foam for comfort; the woolen fabrics are glued on and sewn together by hand. The orange thread defines the flexible part of the sofa and is also hand sewn.

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The project can be seen as an experimental review of classic furniture upholstery. It reminds us of the famous and iconic deep buttoned (Chesterfield) sofa’s, interpreted in a highly contemporary and sculptural way. Instead of upholstering springs and foam with leather or textile, these pieces are created by carefully composing patterns with cut-offs of foam spheres of various sizes, and applying them onto a structure. In the end the entire piece gets coated, with a durable rubber or tactile velvet-like finish. It is hardly impossible to ever recreate such a specific pattern, so every piece is completely unique.

To furnish a lounge or even a personal office, sofa sets play a vital role. The key is to strike a balance between the comfort and the lavish designs since some of the exquisite designs might not be very comfortable to sit on. Best sofa design 2017 complements an area well. For complete and further information, you may visit here.

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