Best Way to Use Copper Mug Bar Ideas

Oct 13th
Vintage Copper Mug Bar
Vintage Copper Mug Bar

Copper mug bar – The custom of serving the drinks in cups of copper arose several days ago thanks to a drink with vodka known as Moscow Mule. Bars and mixologists now use them to serve beers and cocktails that taste better if they stay cold longer. These are some drinks served in this metal that you can find in the CDMX.

Fixed Luna, the drink is made with guava stew, Bourbon, fresh mint, lemon and lots of ice to keep it cold inside the copper mug bar. In addition to fabulous cocktails made by mixologist Romeo Palomares have snacks and a cream of pork rind with dough balls that you cannot miss. Diana, to maintain the tradition of taking a drink with vodka in a copper cup, Luciferina’s mixologist Romeo Palomares created “Diana”, a cocktail that carries vodka, fresh strawberries tidal waves with basil, a touch of lemon and cream of Cassis.

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Gin Basil, Arribita from Polanco’s Nobu restaurant is Sylvestre. A restaurant that has two cards in one. One of Mexican food with traditional dishes such as dyed toast and another one of Argentinean food where. To be happy the cheerful tablecloth has the Gin Basil, a super fresh drink prepared with mashed purple basil, Lemon yellow and rosemary syrup in copper mug bar.

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