Build Beautiful Copper Roof Birdhouse

Jul 10th
Small Copper Roof Birdhouse
Small Copper Roof Birdhouse

Copper roof birdhouse – Copper is one of oldest known metals and has been used as roofing material for over 2,000 years. At Pantheon building in Rome, which was built around 120 of our era, there were copper plates. In Germany and Scandinavia were seen first copper roofs in 1200s. At home we know most copper roofs from castles and manor houses, but gradually it is also used on larger villas.

Copper roof birdhouse is a semi-precious metal. It is red when it is put up, but fairly quickly it begins to acquire a patina. First, get a darker brown shade, and after a number of years (15-30 years) will be covered with a beautiful green layer, which we know from older buildings where copper roofs are completely green. Copper, like zinc patinated before putting it up. Patina helps protect roof. closing surface in same manner as is done in zinc roof. When using copper should be noted that it is not in contact with other metals, as it may cause corrosion damage to roof.

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Copper roof birdhouse must not come into contact with oak as oak’s natural tannin content can degrade copper. Also when you have a copper roof you can, as with zinc roofs, will be greeted with a requirement that you must not lead rainwater from roof to a gabion or rainwater collection but only in sewer.

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