Choose The Best Way For Furnishing Small Spaces

Sep 9th
Small Bedroom Spaces Design

Whether you’re downsizing to smaller digs or just looking for ways to reorganize your small space, a little creativity and planning goes a long way. The best idea for furnishing small spaces is multifunctional and compact in order to maximize your space. Think multi-purpose pieces such as sofa beds and room dividers with shelving. Computer armoires can hold much more than your PC and when you’re done working, all your stuff is hidden away behind closed doors.

Ideas for Furnishing Small Spaces

Living Room – Smaller-scale, simply designed furniture pieces suit smaller rooms better than overstuffed pieces. Coffee tables with shelving or sliding doors hold books and magazines. Extra seating options include ottomans with storage space inside, a window seat under a bay window or a long bench along a wall. When floor space is limited, go vertical. One tall bookcase can hold as much as two smaller ones.

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Dining Area – Round dining room tables take up less space than rectangular ones. If there is no separate dining room, a small table can do double duty as an eating space and a work table for a laptop. Folding chairs can be stored away when not in use, and depending on how often you entertain, you might not need a dining room table at all. For casual dining, folding TV tables are just the ticket.

Bedroom – Sliding doors on storage pieces take up less room than furniture with doors that swing out. Foldaway or loft beds will free up floor space. Closets fitted with organizer systems save space and keep everything neat and accessible. A row of sturdy hooks on a wall holds purses, totes and belts, keeping everything visible and easily accessible.

Furniture Designs for Furnishing Small Spaces

Bunk Beds – Bunk beds have come a long way in recent years, and they can be found in a variety of configurations that will match well with just about any room size or layout. Some bunk beds have additional storage space such as a chest of drawers built in, some have a desk underneath or other creative options that will make this piece of furniture more practical for the smaller space.

Folding Chairs – Folding chairs store easily in closets or garages and are available in very stylish designs. There are many options available beyond the typical folding lawn furniture, and these higher-end pieces may be the solution for seating space for special occasions. Do not outfit your room for 10 guests if you only have that many people at your house a couple of times per year. Use permanent seating for the typical occasions and bring the folding chairs out of storage when necessary.

Tall Shelving – The taller the shelving, the more items it will hold. Using tall bookcases or shelving units against a wall will take up minimal space while allowing many items–and not just books–a place to be out of the way when not in use. If properly selected and arranged, tall shelving can add style to the room and make the space seem cozy and home-like.

If you’re dealing with problems related to furnishing small spaces, go with small furniture. Living room furniture, for example, should be sleek and simple and without arm rests. Armrests take up a surprising amount of space in a room.

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