Choosing The Best Living Room Furniture Styles

Sep 11th
Living Room Furniture Design

There are many living room furniture styles, and choosing a single style is overwhelming. But if you consider your lifestyle and visit furniture websites and stores, you will realize that you gravitate toward one or two styles. Taking time to choose a furniture style for living room will pay off.

Styles of Living Room Furniture

American Country – Country-style furniture became popular in the 1980s. This casual style features plain, practical furniture that looks handcrafted. Muted colors, painted and distressed woods or wicker, and vintage fabrics are commonly used in this style’s furniture. Country-style rooms often exude a patriotic theme with handmade accessories. Country-style living room furniture includes a sofa (covered in cotton, linen, wool or leather), chairs, and either a cupboard, buffet or armoire. Traditionally, there was a single room for both living and dining, therefore only a dinner table was present in this space, not a coffee table. A grandfather chair—a chair reserved for an older member of the family—is also common. Country-style furniture pieces do not have to match, just have a similar trait or color.

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Cottage – Cottage-style furniture became popular during the mid-19th century and is a variation of the Country style. This type of furniture consists of functional rather than show pieces. Cottage-style furniture is feminine, with wood and wicker furniture often painted white or pale blue with curled legs and split backs. Warm, colorful floral and fruit fabrics are common on sofas and chairs, and dainty decorations accessorize this style.

Mission – Mission-style furniture originated in the early 20th century and is a popular offshoot of the Arts and Crafts style. The Southwest’s mission furniture inspired this style that is now popular throughout the country. Initially, Mission furniture was made of rough lumber with pegs and dowels. For mass marketing purposes, the furniture is made of oak or stained wood and has simple designs and minimal ornamentation. Mission furniture focuses on letting the wood take center stage, highlighting its natural texture and beauty. Furniture, such as end and coffee tables and entertainment centers, are often adorned with vertical slats and rectilinear forms. Sofa and chair fabric is textured and uses rich yet muted colors. Leather is also popular, for it fits well with wood.

Asian – Asian-style furniture is a type of contemporary furniture. Chinese and Japanese styles are Asian sub-styles that can be meshed in a single space, for both include simple, functional, light furniture pieces. Chinese furniture is simply designed wooden furniture, adorned with only wood moldings and hardware. It often includes lacquered wood, mother of pearl inlays, marble and ivory. Japanese-style furniture incorporates similarly lacquered wood. However, delicate flower, animal and landscape motifs frequently adorn Japanese furniture. A folding screen is a staple piece of Japanese furniture that adds to any Japanese-style room.  any styles or second-hand pieces, consider arranging your living room furniture around a focal point, such as a television, fireplace or a window.

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