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Clever Ideas for Using Glass Mosaic Tiles

Because of their ability to reflect light, glass mosaic tiles provide a stunning visual effect in many applications around the home. However, for a bold look, dark colored mosaic tile is your best bet because of the strong contrast they create with their surroundings. You can use glass black mosaic tiles in a variety of ways around your home, so don’t be afraid to experiment with deeper tones if you want to create a dramatic look with your tile.

Black Glass Mosaic Tiles

Black Glass Mosaic Tiles

Ideas for Using Glass Mosaic Tiles

Kitchen Backsplash – Glass mosaic tile can create a striking backsplash for your kitchen. The dark tile can provide a bold contrast with light colored cabinets and counter tops, so your backsplash becomes the focal point of the kitchen. To enhance the black tiles, you can use another mosaic tile colors to complement them. Try a mosaic that features dark shades of blue and green to give your kitchen a Mediterranean feel. If you prefer a warmer look, opt for glass tile in dark red, orange and eggplant shades. Even a mosaic backsplash featuring black, brown and charcoal colored tile can provide an eye-catching look for your kitchen walls.

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Shower Surround – While darker glass mosaic tiles can make a tight bathroom feel even smaller, it is an ideal option for a shower surround if your bathroom features frameless shower doors. With the wide-open look that the doors provide, you can opt for darker walls without worrying about making the space feel confined. The lack of frames around the shower also provides a clearer view of your mosaic surround, so it provides maximum impact in the small space. For an eye-catching effect, opt for a glass mosaic pattern that features various shades of dark blue, such as navy, indigo, cobalt and blue-gray, for a look that mimics water.

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Tabletop – Dark glass mosaic tile is an ideal option for sprucing up the look of a plain coffee or end table. In particular, the tile works well with furniture that has a pale finish, such as a light colored wood or a neutral paint like white or cream, because it creates a bold contrast. However, it can also provide an attractive look for dark wood or black furniture since the similar dark tones create a balanced appearance. If you are using the table in a living room, try a mosaic pattern that not only features black tiles, but also dark red, orange and brown glass tile to create a warm look for the space. In a bedroom, deep purple, green and blue shades provide a cool, relaxing look.

Pool – Use dark glass mosaic tile to create a highly decorative look for your swimming pool. Since the tile used for pool walls are usually is a light blue, white or gray color, a dark tile mosaic will stand out, creating a distinctive look. Purchase a pre-made mosaic that features dark blue tile designs in the shape of fish, dolphins, seahorses, turtles and other sea creatures, or design a custom mosaic that uses various shades of dark glass tile. Consider deep green shades for your mosaic to create a complementary look with the blue walls.

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