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Computer Room Ideas

Creating the perfect design concept for a computer room can be both fun and challenging. Computer room ideas lend themselves better than most other rooms to a contemporary design. In a contemporary design, the computer and technological components often take center stage. Instead of being hidden away, as is true with many other design concepts, they become art.

Amazing Computer Room Ideas

Essential Elements of Computer Room Ideas

Set Functional Goals – For a computer room, it’s important that you have in mind the actual uses of that space. The needs of a graphic designer, software developer and writer are all very different and require different plans. Once you have your primary use in mind, you can begin to design and decorate the space.

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Walls and Windows – Choose a matte finish for walls. Both semi-gloss and gloss paints reflect light back into the room. This can cause eyestrain when it creates a glare on a computer screen. For a contemporary look, off white walls trimmed in black create a stunning background. Add splashes of color to the look with art prints or polarized photo prints framed in black.

The coverings for windows will depend greatly on how much privacy you require and the overall d├ęcor of the room. For the contemporary computer room, consider fabric or leather covered vertical blinds. If you don’t require the privacy and light isn’t a problem, consider not covering the windows at all. If you have a deep enough windowsill, a sculpture or piece of art glass can make a great focal point. An area or even an entire wall of floor-to-ceiling shelves can be installed to hold books, papers and even art. The shelves themselves should be a contrasting color to the walls.

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Floors and Ceilings – Hardwood floors in a light finish are great in computer rooms. They don’t collect dust, desk chairs move easily on them and they are timeless. You may decide to go with carpet. The contemporary computer room is usually outfitted with a low pile, neutral tone and easy care carpeting. Overhead lighting can be a bane or a boost. It needs to be bright enough to work but not so bright that you feel overwhelmed. A contemporary ceiling fixture outfitted with a dimmer switch is a good choice. Look for a pewter or black fixture.

Furnishings – The particulars are left to the individual. If you have the space, a sofa makes a nice place to take a break from work. Stick with neutral tones for it and any accent furniture. In a contemporary design, remember that less is more. Computer desks are highly personal. Some prefer a table and place their laptop on it. Some prefer a specially designed desk with a place for everything. In a contemporary computer room you are going to want to go with metal and glass or wood finished in black or white. Be sure to place it so that there is no glare on the computer screen.

If you have hardwood floors and a sofa, consider a geometric patterned area rug. This will add a splash of color, a bit of warmth and divide the space. Invest in a good desk chair. This is probably the single most important design factor because you will spend a great deal of time in that chair. It must be comfortable. If the majority of your furniture is black, try and find a chair in either bone or white to offset the preponderance of black. Likewise, if you have a great deal of white furniture, use a black chair.

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Designing a computer room requires some thought and preparation but can be very enjoyable. Make sure you create computer room ideas which cater to your needs. Whether you’re a student, businessman or just a family person, creating a room which is functional is the key.

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