Contemporary House Design Called Casa d’Agua in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Jul 26th
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Casa d’Agua in Sao Paulo | This home style Called Casa d’Agua by São Paulo-based studio Isay Weinfeld Completed in 2003. Exterior truly created with a natural vogue with the fishpond garnished with rocky on it, a wall of rock beside the it’s likewise, so creating a natural create and may relieve stress when work.

“From the road door, a slim pool runs alongside the house, for the complete length of the land: within the 1st, massive granite stones anchored to all-time low slab skip across the water surface forming a pathway to the central patio; additional, it becomes a swimming lane that stretches to the rear wall of the plot.

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The shape of the plot, long and slim, led us to form a central patio dividing the building in 2 blocks, therefore on permit for a decent insolation in all rooms: all of them face either north, east or west. Outdoors, thick natural-twine ropes form up a curtain that shadows the patio and filters the daylight.

Over four levels, all areas are organized according, mainly, to their functions: garage and mechanical rooms are placed on the basement floor; dining and living rooms, kitchen and laundry areas, on the bottom floor; a non-public sitting area and bedrooms, on the primary floor; and at last, on the highest floor, alittle workplace and a terrace. it absolutely was the clients’ want that the house wouldn’t look, nor feel, ‘new’ to them. therefore we have a tendency to proposed that or not it’s designed with some components taken from their farm, and that they agreed. Thus, for example, raw stones were brought in to hide the external walls; and recent wood items to floor the bedrooms. they’re all reference to the family’s living, history and special relation with nature.”

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