Cool Backyard Sheds

Aug 22nd
Unique Backyard Shed
Unique Backyard Shed

A backyard shed doesn’t have to be used strictly for gardening there are other uses it can support as well. A garden shed is oftentimes a small, neglected, seldom-used outbuilding on farms or other properties that may or may not lack electricity, a wood floor and heat. Most are replaced by barns, which offer more amenities, but cool backyard sheds can be revamped to accommodate a use that will be handy and helpful.

Ideas to Build Cool Backyard Sheds

Guest Oasis – For those who love to entertain but don’t have adequate interior space, a garden shed may be a handy option. Turning the unused space in a garden shed into a place for guests may only require a few adjustments to make them feel comfortable. If the shed is going to be seasonal and only used during warmer months, a ceiling fan and table lamp may be all that is needed in addition to basic furnishings to provide rustic comfort.

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Decorate the garden shed with used furniture, decor and vintage items from the attic, or estate auction or garage sale finds. Place fresh-cut flowers from the nearby garden on windowsills and by the bed for a fresh, homespun ambiance. Indoor-outdoor carpeting or natural wood with throw rugs can serve as a comforting floor. You can save space with a cozy futon or pull-out bed and add a mini-refrigerator to provide cool drinks and snacks for guests. A small card table and a few chairs are a convenient addition as well. Handy overhead storage made from 2-by-4s can accommodate the card table and chairs when not in use.

When your guests have departed, the guesthouse can do double duty on poker night, and it’s the perfect location to host a sleepover for teens. This is a practical and appealing way to house extra guests and allow them privacy.

Home Office – Some people who work from home may choose a garden shed as their place to work. Reasons may include the inspiration from the surrounding landscape, a quiet place to concentrate and think, and a small, confined space that is detached from the home. Some garden sheds can be revamped to accommodate the home office worker. Walls can be reinforced with wood or drywall, windows can be added, and heating and cooling systems can be installed. This makes the office functional throughout most of the year. Writers, architects and others who work part-time or full-time from home may find inspiration in the presence of the garden shed.

Playhouse – Another idea for a garden shed is to transform the unused space into a playhouse or dollhouse for children. It can be a nice and cost-effective getaway for the younger generation. Inside, the walls can be painted with storybook characters, continuing a color or theme with the decor and the window treatments. Furniture can be brought in, making it the perfect setting for a tea party. Outside, the design can be just as whimsical as the interior. Bright, colorful perennials, such as pink coneflowers, hollyhocks, sunflowers and delphiniums, bloom throughout the summer, adding character to the exterior. Subtle nearby accents, such as gazing globes, benches and birdhouses, offer a peaceful retreat for both children and their families.

Cool backyard sheds are not only great places for homeowners to store the tools and equipment used to maintain the landscaping around the home. Whether you build your own, purchase one already assembled, or have it designed and built just for you, your garden shed should be considered an improvement to your property. There are a wide variety of prefabricated styles to choose from, which are designed to meet virtually every gardening need and to complement the aesthetics of any house or yard.

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