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Cool Game Room Ideas

Whether your game room is set up for shooting pool, board games, video games or poker, decorate it to suite your style. With a productive weekend, your game room ideas can take on a new life and become the place where your friends want to be.

Game Room Ideas Cheap

Game Room Ideas: Prepare and Set Up

Paint and Wallpaper – The first thing to consider before doing anything is the color of your game room. The colors you choose will express how serious or playful you are about the room. Patterned wallpaper can add a textured layer to your walls, or you can opt for stenciling on painted walls. Select your colors carefully, however, because although you can change other items in the room easily, the color of your walls is more of a task.

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Walls – The decor on your walls can speak volumes about your room. Paintings or framed prints of people playing various games add a nice touch, or you can tack old board games to the walls. Another aspect to think about is the color and texture of curtains. If you want a light and lively mood, consider sheer curtains, but thicker, darker curtains can block out the light to create a set look to the room no matter what time of day it is.

Lighting – Lighting in your game room should be bright enough that your guests can see cards and game boards well, but not so blindingly bright that long periods of game play become a strain on the eyes. Typically, a hanging lamp suspended from the ceiling over your center table is seen in game rooms, but don’t be restricted to that. Try standing lamps or wall sconces with different colored shades to change the feel of the room, and select low-watt bulbs to combat the brightness of the room.

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Seating – No matter the activity, invest in comfortable chairs. Even with just a pool table in the room, at least two chairs are a necessity. If you are planning on poker or board games, have a minimum of eight chairs. The chairs don’t have to match and can add some flair to the room, but having extra seating will benefit both the players in the games as well as the company that just wants to watch and socialize.

Helpful Furnishings – A mini-bar or small fridge can be a great place for serving and storing drinks without having to make trips back and forth to the kitchen. Likewise, a simple cabinet for snack foods and bowls can make the task of feeding your guests easy and self-serve. Aside from the refreshments, if you don’t have a closet in your game room, then you’ll want to add a cabinet to store your games or pieces in so everything is at your fingertips.With wonderful and cool game room ideas, you can provide a place to gather with your family and friends, host parties and have a great time.

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