Cool Garden Statues and Decor

Nov 6th
Zombie Garden Statue
Zombie Garden Statue

Cool garden statues and decor add a timeless beauty to the garden. Unlike living plants that grow and change with the seasons, statues always look their best. The right decor in the garden can also create a desired mood or highlight a theme.

Cool Garden Statues and Decor: Information

History – Garden statuary has graced gardens for centuries. According to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the ancient Greeks and Romans constructed thousands of bronze statues in the likenesses of gods, heroes, statesmen and philosophers. Today, statuary creates eye-catching focal points in public and private gardens.

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Function – Garden statuary adds a decorative element to the landscape and highlights the architecture of your home. A cowboy statue in front of a ranch style house, for instance, augments the house’s style. Garden decor also expresses hobbies and interests.

Usage Tips – Place your statuary and decor in prominent areas of the garden. Also use statuary that is in proportion to your landscape, advises the University of Illinois. While an oversized statue may be impressive, it will look out of place in a small yard.

Fun Fact – The pink flamingo is the quintessential lawn decor. The trend started in Florida in the 1920s when the Hialeah race track imported live Caribbean flamingos to add a tropical feel. Soon after, sculptors made bronze, metal and wooden flamingos to adorn the landscapes of the wealthy. They remained a status symbol until 1957 when Don Featherstone, a newly graduated art student, created a plastic version of the pink flamingo.

Cool Garden Statues and Decor: Create a DIY Statue

If you have much time and creativity, why don’t you try to make your own cool garden statues? You don’t need much money; it only takes time and patience. If you’re ready to make the statues, you should prepare all these following materials:

  • 5 pounds air drying clay
  • Plastic bucket
  • Rubber compound OOMOO 30, pink and blue
  • Plastic bowl
  • Quick set cement
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Trowel

After all the materials are well prepared, now you can start your job. Form the clay into a simple statue figure of a person or animal, eliminating extending protrusions, such as arms or wings. Let the clay dry thoroughly for two days.

Place the clay statue in the plastic bucket. Mix the pink and blue rubber compounds together in the plastic bowl and quickly pour the mixture in the plastic bucket around and covering the clay sculpture.

Let the compound set for one hour. Pull the rubber compound from the bucket. Cut the compound into two halves with a sharp knife to release the clay sculpture, creating a mold. Mix the cement with water in the wheelbarrow with the trowel until it is the consistency of pudding. Carefully trowel the cement into the rubber mold halves.

Connect the halves together by wrapping duct tape around the outside of the rubber compound. Let the cement dry and cure for two days. Remove the duct tape and rubber mold to reveal the completed garden statue.

Attractive and cool garden statues can add charm and interest to the backyard or patio. Creating a weatherproof statue of concrete can be accomplished with the help of a silicone rubber mold. Those with little art experience can make a primitive-style statue and children can be encouraged to create a statue of their favorite animal. Begin by creating a small garden statue that can be tucked in among the flowers. As you gain experience, you can make progressively larger statues.

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