Cool Ideas for Kids Rooms

Sep 20th
Ideas For Kids Rooms

As kids mature to adolescents and teens, being cool often becomes a focus of their personal style development. Having a cool and trendy bedroom can make your child feel more stylish as well as beautify your home. There are many creative and cool ideas for kids rooms that can decoratively enhance your child’s personal space.

List of Cool Ideas for Kids Rooms

Loft Beds for Added Space – Loft beds are great for conserving space and giving your child’s room a contemporary, urban warehouse look. Much like a traditional bunk bed, a loft bed frame is raised about five feet from the floor with a few rungs or a ladder attached for him to climb into bed. The open space beneath the bed can accommodate a desk and chair, futon, bookshelves, toy boxes, TV and gaming system or whatever bulky furnishings you don’t want taking up space in other areas of the room.

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Hidden Storage – A resourceful way to reduce clutter and help your child stay organized is by incorporating hidden storage areas to her bedroom. Try a captain’s bed with several drawers installed at the underside of the frame. The drawers can be used to store books, magazines, toys or any other items that may otherwise be scattered around the room. Hanging magazine racks, coat hooks, and plastic sectioned organizers on the backs of doors can also eliminate clutter and help promote better closet organization while still looking cool and trendy.

Wall-Sized Murals – A cool and artistic idea for your child’s room is painting wall-sized murals on the wall. If you are an apartment renter you may need your landlord’s permission first. When you have decided on a decor and color scheme, paint one–or several–walls in his room with an artistic scene corresponding to the decor. For instance, if your son likes pirates, paint a full wall with an ocean and pirate ship scene. If your daughter likes Disney, try a rendition of Cinderella and Prince Charming.

The basic cool ideas for kids rooms are by bringing your child’s imagination to life by turning their dream bedroom into a reality. By adding a few coats of paint and dressing up items you may already have around the house, you can redecorate your child’s plain bedroom into a fantasy getaway space just for them. Whether your child is a princess or a pop-star, you can find a cool bedroom theme that is sure to please.

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