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Cool Office Design Makes You Work Better

Successful office designs blend the tone of the company and the energy of the employees. Creative companies tend to bring a sense of humor, high energy and flexibility into company workspaces. Other companies prefer to draw traditional and sophisticated design elements into the office. When choosing a cool office design, think about correlating your company’s ambitions with the office’s look.

Cool Office Design Layout

Essential Things to Consider when Creating a Cool Office Design

Color – Create a color scheme. Modeling your company’s products or services, come up with a color that exhibits the tone and energy of your company. Design your office based on that color. For example, Planit, a design agency based in Baltimore, Maryland, picked orange. From the entry lobby’s bright orange linoleum floor, to the glass doors frosted with orange writing and bright orange ergonomic desk chairs, the office keeps its high-energy and appeal to clients consistent through color. According to the Planit website, the office has a sense of humor, curiosity, originality and accountability that comes through with the color. Think about choosing a color and an office lifestyle to match that color. Planit also features a pool table, a trophy wall and lobby bar stocked with beer and energy drinks.

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Bachelor-Bachelorette Pad – Create a space that mixes creativity, fun and recreation. If your business is creative do not keep employees pinned to their desks or computers all day. Install features–like pool, Ping-Pong or foosball tables–that act as distraction but also a place to socialize and keep the brain functioning in a creative active way. Some modern offices make workspaces game-rooms. According to, a UK based web company that tracks cool designs and styles, the Portland, Oregon design company, Parliament has a pad-chic look worth emulating.

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Inspirational – Design the office as a place where adults can easily access and entertain their imaginations. Whether it’s a creative design company, an architecture firm, a real estate agency or a modest-sized apparel headquarters, consider chocking the office full of nostalgic objects. Build shelves into the office walls that feature time-period toys, antique books, collectibles and cameras. This museum-like space invites workers to interact with their space and feel apart of the building. Consider creating a motif–like a modern art theme or a 20th century theme–and ask employees to “build” the office with their own objects and memorabilia. Break down walls to create an open space where all employees can see and interact with each other like they can with the space. Bring in antique desks, mismatched chairs and old-fashioned curtains to blend modern and old-fashioned features.

Home Office Design – Fuzzco, a design company based in Charleston, South Carolina, uses a restored house as both a home and studio office address. Molding the home into part of their work-ethic, the designers enjoy the comfort of home life–quick access to the outdoors, a large kitchen, all their art supplies and recreation equipment–without having to operate from a sometimes alienating skyscraper office building.

Personal Home Office – Design a home working space tailored to your individual needs. For example, if you are a freelance writer, design the home-office space like a nook in a library. Build shelves so that you can surround yourself with books and can easily access literature for inspiration. If you are an environmentalist or conservation researcher, create a space full of living plants and natural sounds as a sort of rain-forest nook. Use organic materials like recycled woods or plastics to build a desk and to design a library for your research materials.

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Space Age – Create a clean, ageless, space-age like office with ultra-modern features. Think of the office of the future and create it today. If your office is in a building with a spacious floor plan, lay out a marble floor, a chrome-railing staircase, glass or translucent steps and huge windows that bring in lots of light. Choose white furniture and ultra-ergonomic chairs, such as a swinging bubble chair or egg-shaped chairs for optimum comfort and a stylish futuristic look.To have a cool office design and great office area is not that difficult. It only needs some creativity and time to design for the best layout. You can get the help of designing software if you not a creative person.

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