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Creating a Gothic Dark Victorian Bedroom

The gothic decorating style may bring to mind dark images and designs that mimic a medieval castle, but when it mixes with the Victorian style of decorating, it takes on a lush and romantic theme. Victorian decor uses designs, colors and textures that create the appearance of opulence and comfort. When incorporating the style into a bedroom decor, the end result is a gothic dark Victorian bedroom designed for comfort, relaxation and romance.

Dark Victorian Bedroom Set

Essential Elements of Gothic Dark Victorian Bedroom

Color – The colors in a Gothic dark Victorian bedroom should be bold, opulent and rich. Choose colors such as purple, blue and rich dark red to decorate the room. For accent colors, use cream, brown and black to give the room a warm atmosphere. Victorian decorating also includes designs and patterns, such as stripes, plaids and brocades. Coordinate the colors and patterns when designing the room.

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Textures – The Victorian style of decorating includes lush fabrics and textures. Use velvet, silk, cotton and fabrics that are comfortable and soft. In the Gothic Victorian style, you should include many different textures to create the look of abundance and wealth. Use fabric on the walls to add texture to the wall decor Cover accent tables with intricately designed fabrics to add another element to the room decor.

Furnishings – Choose dark intricately carved furnishings for the bedroom decor Use large wardrobes and chests for storage if the room has the space. The bed is the focal point of the Gothic Victorian bedroom. An elaborate headboard and foot board coordinate well in a Gothic Victorian room. Canopy beds with soft fabrics draping over the bed give the room a romantic appeal.

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Accessories – A Victorian Gothic room should have plenty of accessories, such as intricate picture frames adorning the tops of dressers, tables and shelves. Stack hatboxes in the room for additional storage. Use tassels for tiebacks on the jewel colored velvet curtains in the room. Fill shelves with figurines, crystal bowls and candleholders. Hang wrought iron candleholders on the walls, and light the room with soft, dim lighting for atmosphere.

A gothic Victorian bedroom can be a luxurious place to lay your head. Deep colors and highly decorated curtains, bedding and flooring provide the backdrop for a multitude of accessories and displays of china, bronze, carved wood and colored glass. The perfect complement to a Victorian-era house, the traditional colors and style of the gothic dark Victorian bedroom will transport you to a more gentile time and place.

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