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Creating a Timeless Child Room Design

We often think of child room design as places of warmth, retreat, and play for both kids and adults. But, as children grow older, so do their tastes. As a result, it’s important to give your kid’s room a timeless design that takes into account the progressing styles and fleeting fads of childhood.

Modern Child Room Design

Unfortunately, these rooms often become repositories for mismanaged investments and unwanted clutter for an urban home. The challenge, then, is to design a space that is on the one hand age appropriate yet aesthetically timeless and multifunctional, creating a comfortable environment where kids can be kids while leaving them room to grow. In the following, we discuss three ways to achieve balance in a kid’s room by, first, finding decorative gems that are fun and youthful yet will see your child grow through the years; second, incorporating multi-purpose furniture that could be used in other rooms; and finally, passing down antique heirlooms to not only cutback on new purchases but also continue family legacies.

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Tips for Creating a Timeless Child Room Design

At once mature and playful, pieces of decorative art like Paul Smith’s wool wall-hanging, Love, can give the room an enduring style that will appeal to your child regardless of their age. Something as colorful and fun as Love, where each letter is stitched in different colors and patterns, is also easily adaptable to a changing room of annual new bedding and other accumulating knickknacks. Wall decals are another innovative form that adds just enough refined and artful touch without emptying your wallet. Plus, easy application and removal compared to painting and wallpaper allows design flexibility when a change of scenery is in order.

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Perhaps as any persons with a small apartment knows, it’s critical to carefully plan your space, minimize clutter and maximize utility. But as any persons with a growing kid know, a child room design can be the downfall of even the most meticulously organized home.   Don’t lose hope if your kid’s room is full of piles of last year’s toys, ill-fitting clothes, and outgrown furniture. You can easily avoid the accumulation of stuff by opting for functional pieces of furniture that can live well in more than one room of the house. This is a great way to ensure maximum use even if it travels out of your child’s room. When shopping for furniture, keep in mind both the aesthetic of your child’s room and also the other rooms in the house; both style and color palette. This way, you’ll be able to find furniture that is compatible in your kid’s room and potentially elsewhere in the home.

Finally, while antiques may not be the first thing that comes to mind when designing a kid’s room, incorporating antique furniture in more modern spaces is a meaningful way to fill the room with high quality pieces that will last for generations. Keep in mind that designing a kid’s room does not necessarily mean that everything must be kid-proof. For example, an antique armoire or nightstand, staples of any bedroom, are functional, beautiful, and significant as a token of generations past. Treasure it enough and they’ll be passing them down to their kids one day.

Keeping up with your kids is by no means an easy task; making sure their room tags along is sometimes even harder. By balancing the toys and games with quality decor, multifunctional furniture, and stand-alone antiques, you’ll be able to creatively gauge high and low levels of maturity while conveying an overall timeless child room design. This way, the room becomes a perfect fit for both you and your child.

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