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July 31, 2020 House Design

Creating A Unique Black and White Kitchen Decor

The key for learning how to create a unique black and white kitchen decor is in the accents. Since there will be technically no “color” to contrast, successful decorating will depend on your accessories. This article shows you how.

Black And White Kitchen Decor Accessories

When learning how to decorate your kitchen in a black and white theme, simple elegance is best. Success depends on the contrast, symmetry and flow of the room; it is best to think all of your choices over before beginning. Even the smallest details, like hardware, can turn elegance into an eyesore. Since there will be technically no “color” to contrast, metal (silver and chrome or gold and brass) and/or crystal can add all the sparkle that your kitchen needs.

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Essential Things in Black and White Kitchen Decor

Appliances – As with other kitchen renovations projects, your major appliances are the beginning point. If you are doing a complete overhaul and can afford the set you want, great! But if you are stuck with what you got, it will decide the direction that you go in your room. As always, buy your smaller set (toaster, coffee pot etc.) to match. This makes it seem like all of your appliances were a deliberate choice. The flow of your room depends upon it. Also, if there is some wear and tear, buy appliance paint to touch up any scratches, scrapes etc. A fresh, shiny coat can make them look almost brand new!

Walls and Trim – Obviously, the walls need a coat of fresh white paints but be careful. With all the choices out there, those little paint chips can be deceiving. Just a simple off white or ivory twinge can ruin the whole effect. Ask for help at the store and tell them you want a bright, true white. Don’t forget a fresh coat on the ceiling too. For the trim around windows, you need to decide on whether you want them defined or not. White will make them blend into the walls, black will make them stand out.

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Flooring and Counter Tops – When learning how to create a black and white kitchen decor, you should decide on flooring means that you will have to decide on counter tops at the same time. The answer may be as simple as wanting a black floor because it hides dirt better or if you have white appliances you may want them to stand out. You may want a white one because it seems fresher, or if you have black appliances, you may want them to stand out. You may go for a black and white pattern, incorporating them both. But, you have to take into consideration that the same color and material that you use on the floor, you should use on the counter tops as well. If you go with tile, use tile. If you go with linoleum, use laminate, etc.

Cabinets and Hardware – Next comes the cabinets. Once again, do you want them to stand out or to blend in? Are you going for a complete white look with black accents? IE White appliances, floors, counter tops etc. Or are you going for contrast? IE White appliances, black floors, white cabinets, black counter tops etc. Now are you starting to see why it is important to consider every detail before beginning? Along with the cabinets, it is time to choose hardware for them. You have many choices in black and white or in the accents of metal (silver and chrome or gold and brass) and crystal mentioned earlier. Do you want to stick to the simple color scheme and go with a contrasting or blending black or white? Would you like an elegant modern flair with silver or would you like the more traditional elegance that crystal can add to a room? Maybe a mixture (IE chrome handles with crystal accents or white pulls with silver trim etc.) is more to your liking. This may seem like a small thing but, not only can hardware change the whole look of your kitchen; it will help you decide on the other finishing elements of your room like accessories and lighting.

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Lighting  – Any lighting issues that you may have, the trick is to stay consistent. If have an eat-in kitchen and want a crystal chandelier, buy smaller versions for above your sink and island. If you gravitate more towards the simple silver pendant lights, do the same.

Accessories – You’ve heard it before- less is more! When picking out things that will be seen such as canisters and decorative items, you need to think it over and choose wisely. Clutter will ruin any style. Centerpieces for a table or island can also be a place that people overdue it. Three simple options include:

  • A vase with flowers. Here again, either utilize your accent element or at least make sure to add some contrast. If you have a black table, for example, buy a silver or crystal vase and fill with white roses. If you have a chrome and glass table, utilize a black vase. With a beautiful arrangement sitting center-stage there is not need for any other embellishment except (maybe a runner or doily that is again in a contrasting color).
  • A condiment tray. An old mirrored tray can hold your salt and pepper shakers, butter dish, sugar bowl etc. with elegance. Add a bud vase with one white rose and you have practical decorating at its best!
  • A tea set. Just a simple silver, white, black or crystal set can be all the statement that you need. This also looks good on top of the refrigerator, taking up the space that too often becomes a cluttered catchall.

Deciding on whether to display other items such as serving utensils, glassware etc., is all up to the individual. But if the area begins to look too cluttered to you, chances are it will appear that way to everyone else as well. Try experimenting by putting some things away that you normally leave out and live with it for a while. You may find that the room looks better without it. Give it a week and if you still miss it, you can always take it out and put it back in place again.

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