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October 11, 2020 House Design

Creating Art in Black and White Wall Designs

“There’s something strange and powerful about black-and-white imagery,” Stefan Kanfer, prolific novelist and journalist, once said. Invoke the powerful on your walls at home or at the office with wall art done in black and white. Also known as achromatic colors, black and white force the viewer to examine the composition without the distraction of color. Create some simple and effective art in  black and white wall designs to tie together a room’s decor.

Black And White Room Wall Designs

First to create art in your black and white wall designs, you need these following materials:

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  • · Black construction paper
  • · White colored pencil
  • · Craft glue
  • · Frame
  • · Black-and-white photographs
  • · Old magazines
  • · Masonite board
  • · Plastic container
  • · Black acrylic paint
  • · White acrylic paint
  • · Paintbrushes

After you have got all those materials, you can start your project. To create a silhouette art, you can do these following things:

  • · Mix up the standard family photos by creating black-and-white silhouettes of each individual’s profile. Tape a large sheet of white paper against a blank wall at the head height of a member in your family.
  • · Have the individual stand off to the side of the paper. Place a lamp or flashlight in front of the individual. Look for a clear outline of a shadow profile of the person’s head.
  • · Trace around the perimeter of the profile with a pencil on the white paper. Cut out the image.
  • · Place the cut-out profile shape on a black piece of paper. Trace around the perimeter with a white colored pencil. Cut out the image on the black paper.
  • · Paste the black image in the center of another sheet of white paper. Repeat with other family members and frame the collection on the wall.
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While to create an abstract art for your black and white wall designs, you should do these following things:

  • · Use household items and a little acrylic paint to create abstract compositions in black, white and shades of gray. Gather black and white photographs of family, pictures of favorite hobbies, printed passages from books or other black-and-white imagery.
  • · Plan your composition. Abstract art with mixed media is a versatile art form and can take on many moods. Consider the images you have chosen and arrange them according to taste on the masonite board.
  • · Glue the images to the board with craft glue. Use small dabs of glue to prevent the images from buckling or curling. Allow to dry.
  • · Thin out your paint. Add small quantities of water from a plastic container to your paint to thin it out. Painting with thinned acrylic paint creates a smooth effect. Painting without thinning your paint can produce a thick, chunky effect. Practice on a scrap of paper to get a feel for the effect that works best with your artwork.
  • · Paint on the board. With sponge brushes or regular brushes, paint designs in and around the pasted media on your board. Try using a thin coat of acrylic over several images for a muted effect. Use toothpicks, combs and even stencils to make contrasting textures and patterns. Allow the artwork to dry before hanging.

Tips to create a wonderful art in black and white wall designs, you must mix black and white acrylic paint together to add gray shades in your artwork. Then, add small household trinkets like marbles, dried flowers and even insects to the abstract work to create more depth in the composition. For finishing, you can coat with white or black paint before adhering to the board.

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