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Creating Mosaic Bathroom Designs

Mosaic Bathroom Designs – Mosaic is a great way to add texture and drama to the bathroom design. Made of tiles that come in a wide variety of colors and shapes mosaic can be used to add complex decor elements to the bathroom. Mosaic is very decorative so you can choose to add just one stripe of shell mosaic tile to the wall or cover the whole bathroom with it including the bathtub and floor.

Mosaic Bathroom Design Tiles

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Tile – Mosaic can be laid out in ceramic or glass tile of different shapes and sizes. There are many options on the market available. The tile of choice can simply be broken into smaller pieces to create material for mosaic. The tile for mosaic can be reclaimed and recycled from old tiles.

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Image of: Mosaic Bathroom Tile Designs
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Design – There are limitless options in terms of mosaic design. You can create the sketch yourself and hire a professional to recreate it in the bathroom or simply choose a theme that a professional designer can use to create a mosaic pattern or picture for you. Choosing an area for your mosaic design is also important. It can become a great focal point of the room and be created on the feature wall.

Location – In mosaic bathroom designs can be created anywhere including the bathtub and vanity and sink. The mosaic designs are commonly used in wall decor and flooring, for instance, to visually divide the shower from the rest of the room. Mosaic wall murals make for an impressive and dramatic bathroom design. Simpler mosaic designs can cover the entire bathroom while patterns and pictures are used to create a focal point in the room or simply decorate an empty wall.

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Accents – Mosaic tiles are typically sold netted together in one 12-inch sheet. Cutting the netting holding the tiles together into smaller squares or long strips gives you the perfect accent for any area of the bathroom. Use mosaic tiles as a wall or floor border, running them next to larger tiles of similar or contrasting colors. Mosaic tiles can be cut into larger tiles on the corners for small pops of color and detail in an otherwise quiet design.

Rugs – Since mosaic tiles are non-skid, create decorative “rugs” of mosaic tiles inside fields of larger tiles. Use a mosaic border to separate the larger tiles from the rug, and fill the center in with a repeating mosaic pattern, river stone mosaics, or a solid field of mosaics in a bright color. Change the material used in these mosaic rugs for additional effect. Use glass tiles in a field of stone, or polished stone mosaics in a field of tumbled stone.

Mosaic Wallpaper – Create an accent wall behind a free-standing tub, vanity or on the back wall of a shower with mosaic wallpaper. Mosaic wallpapers are made of glass, ceramic or stone that have been mounted to form repeating patterns, murals or pictures. Select wallpaper that complements the bathroom design, while drawing and focusing the eye. Look for animal prints, murals of ocean scenes or abstract repeating designs in a wide array of colors.Today’s mosaic tiles serve this original purpose while bringing style and detail to your mosaic bathroom designs.

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