Creating Red and Black Bedrooms Designs

Oct 10th
simple red and black bedroom design
simple red and black bedroom design

Red and black are bold colors that give bedrooms a modern or contemporary look, although they can be toned down for other decorating styles. It is important to remember that red and black bedrooms designs consist of warm colors and they stimulate the senses. If the person has trouble with insomnia or simply winding down after a long day, it is best to use the red and black shades in moderation. You can do this by mixing them with pure white. It lends a fresh, airy appeal to the decor and since white is a cool color; it also has a calming effect.

Ideas for Creating Red and Black Bedroom Designs

Exotic Look – Choose bedding in a bold, black-and-white zebra print and use red as an accent color. This provides a wise balance to the area since red and black are energizing colors and the white in the zebra print helps to tone it down. Another idea is to use a solid black comforter with throw pillows in a zebra print or have an area rug or occasional chair with the zebra print. Hang pictures with a safari look on the walls and purchase black frames for them. Lampshades, throws and many knickknacks are available in zebra print. Either use it as a focal point or to enhance a solid-color comforter. Too much of the zebra print in a small room can be tiresome after a while.

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Timeless Elegance – Use wallpaper with a black-and-white print with fleur de lis, a delicate floral print or other understated design to give your room an old fashioned, elegant appeal. Add small touches of red, such as a white bud vase with a single red rose in it, a red lampshade or a small red jewelry box on your dresser. Place an area rug on the floor that utilizes the red, black and white color scheme or that mimics the pattern in the wallpaper. Purchase a chaise longue in the same color scheme to add to the old-fashioned appeal. Another idea is to place a white doily on your nightstand and a lace runner on your dresser. This gives the room continuity and enhances the visual flow.

Bold Graphics – Give your bedroom an ultra-modern flair by utilizing a solid-colored comforter and bold graphics in the room with the red and black colors. Use black furniture with clean, smooth lines, white walls and a rug that has a red-and-black geometric pattern to give it a contemporary ambiance. Hang wall art with geometric shapes. Trim the baseboards, light switch, window frames and other small sections of the room with bright red or black paint.

For a truly bold look, red and black bedrooms designs may be the ideal option. It certainly isn’t for the faint of heart, but it provides a sophisticated, elegant look that is sure to make an impression.

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