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Decorate a Victorian Style Living Room

A Victorian style living is elegant and opulent but you can still achieve the look on a budget. You may want a true Victorian style living room, or something more functional that fits in with the style of your home and the way you live. This style is perfect for anyone who wants a formal living room instead of a more casual family room.

Victorian Style Living Room Set

Victorian home decoration focuses on opulent fabrics. You should stick with chenille on the sofa or a tapestry or damask fabric. Go all out with your window treatments, you can even use the valances and tassel tie backs that come with many store bought window treatments. Give your room a more opulent air by hanging the window treatments near the ceiling so it appears that you have larger windows than you actually do. The drapes should be lined and pleated for maximum fullness.

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Victorian furniture styles are intricate. Look for inlayed side tables or hand painted pieces. This is a luxurious look that may not be suitable for children or pets. The sofa should have curvy lines and place a chaise lounge near a window. Crystal and brass chandeliers aren’t popular in modern design so you might be able to find an oversized piece at a garage sale or thrift store that will be the focal point of the room.

If you want to decorate Victorian it doesn’t have to be overbearing or expensive. You can turn a basic living room into a Victorian sitting room by simply adding molding to the walls. Experiment with lots of large rectangles to simulate paneling. You can rub gold paint against the trim to give it a little shimmer. You can really complete the look by putting an intricate stencil inside of the panel. You can keep the window treatments, walls and sofa all the same color such as a neutral taupe for a more modern Victorian living room. Bring in gold accents on the furniture, pillows and lighting fixtures. A monochromatic color palette will keep the room from becoming overwhelmed but the different textures add interest and elegance.

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A Victorian style living room is formal. Look for wing back chairs and buffets that will help you create an elegant space. You may want to turn it into a library and vanquish the TV to the living room. Accent the space with skirted side tables and statues. You can build bookshelves right into the walls; just make sure they have plenty of carvings and a curved shape that fits in with the Victorian style. Decorate with a romantic feel in mind instead of practically. Think of it as the decorating equivalent of wearing a dress instead of jeans.

For completing the Victorian style living room, you cannot forget the wall decor. Victorian wall decor is very important to the overall look. This could mean hanging mirrors, or looking for traditional oil paintings. You can make the walls into their own works of art by painting pastel murals or installing floor to ceiling columns. The focus should be on the fireplace so orient the room around the mantle. You can give the mantle more presence by putting more elaborate moldings over it until it reaches the ceiling.

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