Decorating Ideas for White Attic Bedroom

Sep 8th
White Attic Bedroom Ideas

Attics are often cramped extra space for storage in a house. But for those who need to add another bedroom instead of adding a new addition on to the house, the attic can sometimes be an excellent place. With some creativity, you can transform the negatives of attic space living into positives and make your attic a warm and inviting white attic bedroom.

Important Requirements for White Attic Bedroom

Lighting – Attics have a tendency to be cramped and bedroom attics are more inviting if there is a window that provides natural light to the room. When there’s no room for windows, a skylight can be built sometimes.

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Loft – Attics sometimes contain lofts that can be used as sectioned off areas for reading or playing games.

White – White paint, furniture and linen help brighten a room, helping contrast the darkness that is common in an attic.

Space Utilization – Since space is often limited in an attic, bedrooms should contain furniture that can fit into the cramped spaces of the attic. Also, some walls can have furniture installed in them such as bookshelves.

Expansion – Partitioned walls can sometimes be expanded in order to provide more space for the attic bedroom.

Add an Accent Wall – If you still desire a splash of color in your attic bedroom, obtain this color through the creation of an accent wall. Paint one wall in your selected hue, adding excitement to the space and allowing you to show your love of all things bold. Ideally, this accent wall should be one of the taller walls in the room. If you create an accent wall, center your bed on this wall, as this is the natural focal point of your decor.

Pick Furniture Carefully – Attic spaces often contain low ceilings and, in many cases, the space can be a bit cramped. Do not try to pile excessively large furniture into these tight quarters. Instead, select light, minimalistic furniture pieces. Placing these simple pieces in your space will allow you to create an open and airy feeling while still having the requisite furnishings.

Hang Accents Creatively – In an attic bedroom, it may initially appear that you have no place to hang your room accents. In truth, if you change your hanging practices, you can hang your favorite images and objects nearly everywhere. Instead of installing pictures and mirrors on flat walls, consider placing them along sloped ones. Use brackets to suspend your accents at an angle. This uncommon placement will add a kick of pizzazz to your space.

Play with Uncommon Architecture -While hard to deal with, the architectural elements that commonly appear in attic spaces can be an asset. Use molding to add excitement to the room and draw eyes to the details that make the space special. A white attic bedroom is one great way to take advantage of an empty attic. While attics pose many challenges, keeping a few design principles in mind and a free, creative approach will bring out the advantages of the attic space.

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