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Decorating Tips for Tuscan Themed Kitchen

A Tuscan themed kitchen is rich in warm earthy colors, natural materials, and beautiful textured finishes. Decorating a kitchen with this theme is easy; when in doubt, simply look to nature for inspiration. The color palette, accents, wall surfaces, and everything in-between mimic the textures and shades found in nature. If you want to give your home a feeling of warmth with a touch of rustic flair, consider decorating a kitchen with a Tuscan theme.

Tuscan Decorating Kitchen

Color Palette for Tuscan Themed Kitchen

When decorating a kitchen in this style, your color palette can include any warm color(s) that would be found in nature. Consider using shades of the following:

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–       Cinnamon

–       Olive

–       Terra cotta

–       Gold

–       Red

–       Brown

–       Pumpkin

–       Suede

Tuscan Kitchen Decor

Wall Surfaces for Tuscan Themed Kitchen

One of the most important aspects of decorating a kitchen with a Tuscan theme is to add texture to the walls. Rough interior walls are commonly seen in the region of Tuscany, and replicating this look will give your kitchen an authentic feel. The problem with these walls for the majority of us however is cost. Stucco interior walls aren’t cheap, and not within the budget of most of us. However, you can give your kitchen walls a rough textured look with textured paint and faux finishing. Sponge painting, Suede paint, lime washing and so on creates depth and dimensions that is the perfect look for a Tuscan-themed room.

Flooring for Tuscan Themed Kitchen

The flooring used in a Tuscan-themed room should be made of natural materials, or at least be designed to look like they are. The best flooring to use when decorating a kitchen with a Tuscan theme include:

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–       Terra-cotta tiles

–       Ceramic tile

–       Stone

–       Slate

–       Hardwood

–       Marble

–       Limestone

–       Mosaic inlays

–       Antique rugs

Furnishings and Materials for Tuscan Themed Kitchen

The people of Tuscany pride themselves in family and time spent together as a unit. This is one reason why the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms of the house in this region. Most authentic Tuscan kitchen spaces focus on a kitchen work island and the seating area in the room. If your kitchen does not currently have an island, a rolling unit can be purchased for a few hundred dollars. If you have the space, be sure to incorporate a place for family and friends to visit while cooking takes place. These units do not have to match, in fact the people of Tuscany often mix-match their furnishings out of necessity. Any of the following materials can be used and blended together in a Tuscan-themed room:

–       Wrought iron

–       Solid wood

–       Tile-topped tables

–       Leather seat cushions

–       Stone-topped tables

Accents for Tuscan Themed Kitchen

The finishing touch for decorating a kitchen with a Tuscan theme is with the accents you place in the room:

–       Decorative urns and vases

–       Embossed metal wall tiles

–       Wrought iron

–       Metal wall art

–       Bottles of flavored cooking oil

–       Candle wall sconces

–       Wood ceiling beams

–       Ceramic pitchers

–       Artificial flowers and greenery

–       Glass decanters

–       Cookbook collections

–       Olive branches

Decorating Tuscan themed kitchen will bring a rustic mood into your home and a relaxed Mediterranean feel. Think good wholesome food, the smell of olives, wine and fresh crusty bread. Feel the beautiful Tuscan landscape surround you, as you recreate a Tuscany style kitchen in your own home.

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