Decorating with Aqua and Brown in a Room

Aug 15th
Decorating with Aqua in a Room
Decorating with Aqua in a Room

An aqua and brown color scheme can work nicely in a particular room because of the exciting contrast between the light-colored aqua and the darker-colored brown. With different shades and textures of both brown and aqua available, you have a lot of opportunity decorating with aqua and brown in a room; to experiment with paint, furniture and accessory colors.

Steps of Decorating with Aqua and Brown in a Room

Decide on a color of brown or aqua to paint the walls. Painting a room a dark color makes it appear more closed in. Unless this is the look you’re going for, it’s probably a better idea to paint the walls in an aqua color and limit brown paint, if used, to an accent wall so it does not make the room appear smaller.

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Use brown accents in an aqua-painted room. If you choose to paint a large area like a living room, use accents like brown framed pictures, brown lamps and a brown rug to accent the aqua color. You can also choose to trim the windowpanes or the door frame with brown paint as well.

Use larger aqua accents if brown is your dominant paint color in the room. For example, if you choose to paint your bedroom brown, aqua-colored curtains or large artwork with aqua accents will be best. Refrain from using darker accents because the room will become too dark. In a brown-painted room, your couch should be lighter in color, as well as the majority of the other furniture pieces.

Add metal fixtures or accents to the room (lamps, candleholders, sconces) to add a different texture to the brown and aqua color scheme. Integrate other bright colors that may complement the aqua and the brown, such as red or yellow.

Accessories for Decorating with Aqua and Brown in a Room

Furniture – Wood furniture can match your room with its natural color, as long as it’s in a darker wood tone to match your brown. Other furniture can be painted white, or another neutral color, so it doesn’t distract. Aqua chair pads and pillows can complement wood tones as well.

Curtains – If your walls are aqua, then brown curtains will add contrast. As well, aqua curtains on brown walls are appropriate. If you have used both colors on patterned walls, then choose a neutral color such as white, cream or beige. Then use a large colored ribbon or piece of fabric to tie back your curtains during the day and add some color.

Accessories – Add some extra color to your room with a few accessories such as an aqua rug, or brown side table lamp. Tall dark brown branches bring a natural touch to the room when stood up in a corner. An aqua vase can be filled with flowers such as white peonies or tulips for a fresh accent. Other ideas for decoration include a globe, which already is mostly aqua hued; candles; and side table doilies or cloths.

Decorating with aqua and brown accessories can be found at many home goods stores. To match your colors, you may want to bring swatches with you when shopping. Aqua can be more on the green side, or the blue. Brown can also have red or green tints to it, in addition to coming in different tones of light and dark. Make sure all your accessories match for a constant color theme.

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