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Aug 23rd
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Top Stag Pillow

Stag pillow – The arrangement of a large pile of decorative pillows can either create a posh, friendly haven of color and texture or scattered, jumbled mess of mismatched fabric; depending on the artistic skills of the person enter the pillows. By using a few simple design principles as the basic guidelines for pillow selection and arrangement, you can easily create a luxurious aesthetic.

Look at the area where you want to arrange your stag pillow and take careful stock of adornment considerations. On your paper, make notes about colors, textures and shapes of furniture to pillows will sit on. Also pay attention to prominent colors, textures and shapes in the room and record them, because they will affect your pillow choices too. You might want to take pictures so you have an accurate picture of the colors as a reference when shopping later.

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Determine the color scheme you want to use for your stag pillow arrangement. The first color you choose will be your focal paint and will probably be a bright, intense and rich color. The other color will be a neutral color like tan, white, black or gray. Your third color should be an accent color found in the room’s decor to tie your pads along with the rest of the room. While you want to buy pillows with the colors you have chosen, you should also be aware of textures and shapes. Try to buy cushions that are made of different types of fabric to have a variety of textures.

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