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June 9, 2020 Kitchen

Design Ideas for Rustic Italian Kitchens in Small Space

Who says that your small-sized kitchen cannot make as rustic Italian kitchens? You can make it easily by combining simple painting techniques, ceramic tiles and recycled furniture.

Rustic Italian Kitchen Decorating Ideas

First thing you should do to create rustic Italian kitchen in your small size kitchens is by painting. Creating a faux stucco, multihued wall is a great way to create Mediterranean flair in your kitchen. Most people would gravitate to heavy, deep oranges and burgundies when they think of Italian kitchen design. However, these dark colors are not good choices for small space because they can make an already small space look even tinier because darker colors absorb, not reflect, light. That’s why you should try going for a lighter color palette with warm tones.

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To create a multihued stucco look, you will need joint compound and a mixture of warm colors. A color palette that includes sage green, red, light tan and cream can be the most fabulous option. You will also need a paint tray, paint roller and an inexpensive large paintbrush with the bristles cut down to 1 inch for easy pouncing. Begin your painting project by placing 2 cups of joint compound in the paint tray. Using a spoon, drizzle each of the four colors over the joint compound, then roll the paint roller over the mixture to blend. Don’t try to combine all the colors into one; for a rustic Old World look, you will want to have multiple hues. Use your paintbrush to dab the paint and joint compound combination all over your walls.

Furniture and accessories are the things you should consider well next. Before you go furniture shopping, you must stop and take a look at what you already have. Don’t spend your money for something you already have. If you already have a plain wooden dining table, you can easily convert it into an Italian treat. Start by staining the table a deep, warm brown. An easy technique recommended by Sundet is taping off a square in the center of your table and painting that area the same cream you used on your walls. Then, you can use an ornate stencil to decorate the corners of the square with sage green. To give your dining chairs a Mediterranean feel, try reupholstering them with a gold fabric. Buffets are also a lovely feature in an Italian kitchen. Sundet created a beautiful buffet by painting an old shelving unit sage green, then attaching two large, warm tiles to the top to hide any wear.

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Get your cabinets for rustic Italians kitchens. Your cabinets will need to match your newly warmed-up walls. Remember that you don’t need to buy new cabinets; pay attention to your surroundings whether any items you could turn into a rustic cabinet. If you have traditional wooden cabinets, an easy way to do this is to sand them and stain them a deep reddish-brown. If you have MDF or particleboard cabinetry, don’t fret; you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on new cabinets. You can simply paint them a deep brick-red to complement the colors on your walls.

Without buying new cabinets, you can still create a Mediterranean look by changing out the handles on your drawers and cabinets. Brass handles will work well in an Italian kitchen and give it a rustic feel. When choosing the handles, it’s better if you go with an ornate design for a traditional feel, or for getting a more modern appearance you can choose a simpler design.

Lighting accessories can make or break a kitchen. You should take a note in the lighting if you want to try making a rustic Italian kitchen in your small space. If you go wrong with your lighting, you will get a kitchen with cramped and clutter look. To get the perfect rustic Italian lighting, you can try shopping in antique or thrift stores to find a brass chandelier. If you can’t find brass lighting, you can easily paint the frame of the chandelier using gold spray paint. Then, use a bristle brush to stipple dark brown over the gold to give it an aged look. What you should remember about creating rustic Italian kitchens in small spaces is you don’t need always to buy something new, you can make a brand new thing only by recycling your old items. That will look more rustic and aged.

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