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November 6, 2020 House Design

Design Ideas of Modern Cottage Style Homes

Cottages evoke a sense of cozy comfort and charm. Created from natural vegetable and mineral pigments, traditional cottage colors were often gray toned. Crisp fresh white has been a favorite in traditional and modern cottages. Personal preference will determine the best modern cottage style homes color for you. If you find any ideas related to create a home with modern cottage style, you can find them below.

Modern Cottage Style Homes Design

Gallery Ideas of Cottage Style Homes

Cottage style might take a modern spin, but it never strays too far from its classic roots–rooms that embrace human scale, windows that catch views of the garden, and textured materials that meld modern and cottage styles. Look for cottage icons, such as botanical prints, painted furniture, and neutral fabrics, presented in new ways.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Design Ideas of Modern Cottage Style Homes

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Modern and cottage hardly seem like words that go together. But they’re the perfect pairing to describe what’s happening to cottage style today. Just think of what defines a cottage space: rooms that feel cozy, windows to the garden, furniture that’s people-friendly, and accessories drawn from the spirit of collecting. Those elements are present in homes with a simple, modern version of cottage style.

Second Idea: Modern Cottage Style – Vintage Home Bungalow with a New Attitude

Here’s how to create a modern cottage home bungalow look:

Bring bungalows up-to-date by accenting architectural details with white paint. Use mirrors as “Windows” to open up small rooms. Simplify to create clean lines, for instance, by eliminating natural brick around a fireplace.

Try an eye-popping hue, such as apple green or tangerine. Use just one color in various shades throughout the house, even adding just a tablespoon or two or colored paint to tint white paint. Keep windows as bare as privacy allows.

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Solid-color fabrics with texture are the backbone of this look and let the color of paint and accent fabrics pop. Bold-pattern fabric in white plus one color updates the look of vintage florals.

A bold display, such as reprinted botanicals framed to create one large work of art, is one way to update favorite collections from the ’40s. Objects in multiples and with modern silhouettes also help define the look.

Here’s how to create a modern cottage look:

Rustic wood, tumbled stones, and French doors bring a livable quality to modern houses. Doors and windows connect a house to nature and draw in sunlight that embraces its occupants. Shoji screens and level changes, rather than walls, divide rooms.

The views of gardens through windows and doors create the best of backgrounds. Woods with a natural finish and rustic quality warm up the surfaces. Paint with a touch of blue or soft green offers a softer palette than stark white.

Texture provides interest when fabrics lack pattern. Fabrics include worn leather, old linen, and nubby cotton. Throws in touchable textures soften seating, which is covered by solid fabrics with a soft hand, helping relax contemporary shapes.

Organic objects, such as carved birds, birch branches, stone bowls, and rustic benches, ground the design. Make a statement by placing a few pieces of a collection on a piece of furniture built to display. Furniture itself serves as a collection when arranged so pieces look sculptural.

Modern cottage style homes tend to be cozy and small, with an emphasis on reused vintage items and a casual atmosphere. While cottage style used to be applied only to summer homes, now it is a staple of year-round interior design. Modern cottage style is very adaptable, whether the home is located in an urban center or a seaside setting.

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