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Designs for Bars

A home bar can turn an ordinary room into a room in which friends and family congregate to party, watch sporting events or just converse. According to Your Home Bar, one of the main reasons that most people install a bar into their home is convenience and affordability. A home bar allows you to relax and have a drink any time, from the convenience of your home without paying the elevated price that a drink would cost in a pub. Designs for bars at home may come in different design opportunities based upon the space, funding and time available.

Bar Kitchen Dinner Design

Bar Kitchen Dinner Design

Designs for Bars: Ideas

Classic Bar – A classic L-shaped bar is the kind of bar which is most commonly used in modern sports bars today. As the name implies, the bar is built in an L shape with one end connecting to the wall. Classically built from wood, it adds a sense of stylized design to any room in which it is installed. The classic L-shaped bar requires a significant amount of space and installation effort, but will produce a rewarding outcome. According to Your Home Bar, the classic L-shaped bar adds the feel of a relaxed pub style bar to any room in which it is installed.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Designs for Bars

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Themed Bar – Themed bars carry with them many design opportunities, limited only by the imagination of the designer. Any type of bar can be decorated and modified to fit a desired theme and add a whimsical feel to any room in which it resides. The Vegas theme is common amongst home designers, turning the bar, and sometimes the entire room into a mini gaming room. Flashy d├ęcor, casino supplies and gaming equipment will turn any ordinary bar into an at home Vegas get-away. Another common theme is the Tiki bar, a beach themed bar which brings a light-hearted tropical feel to any room in which it is installed. The Tiki bar is usually decorated with brightly colored flowers, bamboo accents and grass thatching.

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Small Bar – Small bars, or free standing bars allow for the luxury of an at-home bar without requiring a large amount of extra space or financing. A small bar can be purchased from most specialty stores, consisting of a serving area and storage space beneath the bar. Small bars can be added into any room for convenience or an added air of luxury. Most commonly, small bars are installed into living rooms and home offices. What a small bar lacks for in space, it quickly makes up for in convenience, ease of installation and stylized design.

A bar requires at least some basic carpentry skills and a design. You can get designs online or elsewhere, or you can make your own. Making your own designs for bars gives you the advantage of creating a bar to custom fit your space and tastes.

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