The Different Chain Link Fence Parts

Sep 2nd
Westside Chain Link Fence
Westside Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence – A chain link fence made of several parts that are a form of metal fence. These include poles, fence posts, ports, terminals, and chain link mesh material. Netting fence parts can be purchased in kit form or in separate units. Each part has a specific function in the overall fencing structure. The first element required in a chain link fence is fence post. Fence posts are among the most important link fence parts because they are used as the primary support for the main fencing material.

These posts should be placed in the ground by 6-foot (1.82 meter) intervals and reinforced with concrete footers to ensure posts are solid. When the chain link fence posts are properly buried, the fencing mesh material is rolled out to start on pole assembly process. The fence mesh is attached to each pole of a special chain link terminal. Terminals are one of the most widely used chain link fence parts because each pole will require at least three terminals.

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These clamps secure the fabric to the pole. Before ss is attached to the rod, it must be pulled tight with a special chain link hauling device. This is similar to a hand crank, which is designed to take the slack out of the chain link fence before it is permanently connected to the rod. Chain puller is available in both manual and electric versions. It can be purchased at most hardware stores.

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