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DIY Princess Bunk Beds

A princess bunk bed is more than just a bed; it is a fairy tale turned into a complete sleep and play area. Princess bunk beds are almost a room unto themselves, combining a bed and playhouse with drawer units and bookcases. If a princess bunk bed is too expensive to buy, you can always try your hand at building one. They are large, but not as difficult as they look.

Princess Bunk Beds

How to Make Princess Bunk Beds by Yourself?

Basic Construction – A princess bunk bed is simply a bed with panels that mimic a castle. It may have either one or two beds. If it has a single bed, that bed may be on top (a loft bed) with a playhouse underneath; or the bed can be on the bottom, with a playhouse on top. The bedroom ceiling will put a limit on the castle’s height, of course. You start with the basic framework for a bunk bed–four sturdy corner posts (at least 4 x 4 stock), with side and end rails (at least 2 x 6)–and cover the entire unit with the “castle walls,” typically made from 1/2-inch plywood. Twin-size mattresses are a common choice for princess beds, and most will be platform beds, because box springs take up extra space that could be used for headroom. Because the bed doubles as a playhouse, you will probably want to create a floor with 2 x 4 joists underneath the platform for extra strength. Make the platform an inch or two longer and wider than the mattress, so you have room to tuck in the bedding. Use stairs (straight or spiral staircases) instead of ladders to enter the bunk, and slides add a playful way to exit. Princess bunk beds are often safer than comparable bunk beds, because the castle walls serve as crash barriers to keep the princess from rolling (or falling) out of bed.

12 Inspiration Gallery from DIY Princess Bunk Beds

Image of: Princess Bunk Beds With Stairs
Image of: Princess Bunk Beds Plans
Image of: Princess Bunk Beds Diy
Image of: Princess Themed Bunk Beds
Image of: Princess Style Bunk Beds
Image of: Princess Bunk Beds
Image of: Princess Castle Twin Bunk Bed
Image of: Princess Castle Pink Bunk Bed
Image of: Princess Castle Bunk Bed
Image of: Princess Bunk Bed for Young Adult
Image of: Princess Bunk Bed for Little Girl
Image of: Bunk Bed for Little Princess
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Adding Furnishings – You can build some furnishings into the bed itself. For example, many builders now use the stairway as a chest of drawers by putting a drawer under each step. Turrets are useful as cabinets for shelving or for toy boxes. You can put a cabinet or shelves under the slide as well. If you only have one bed and a playhouse, rather than two beds, you might want to put a small dressing mirror inside the playhouse. You can also build in a small desk or dressing table, as well as a storage bench.

Details – When painting your princess bunk bed; be sure to make it look like something from a fairy tale. You can use faux painting techniques so it appears as if it is built from stones or bricks, or paint it her favorite color. Any good castle will have doors and windows, as well as flower boxes and vines growing up the sides. Cut out the openings, and either paint on flowers and vines or buy artificial ones that can be attached to the plywood. Your little princess will probably have some decorating ideas of her own; be sure to let her help.

Princess bunk beds are good quality beds that are specially designed for children who wish to have a castle in their room. The bed is sturdy to support your children. She can slide from her castle. Actually, this princess bunk bed is ideal for children between the age of 1 to 3 years old. This bunk bed can make your child feel more comfortable and meet her dream of having her own castle.

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