DIY Wall Mounted Headboards

Jun 2nd
Wall Mounted Headboards Diy

Today it is common to see artwork, doors, panels, pieces of wood, fencing, gates, fabric, drapes, photographs and almost any imagined material converted to decor as wall mounted headboards. This is a transition from headboard as furniture in a bedroom set to headboard as decorative art creating a focal point of the bed.

You can create your own wall mounted headboards, to begin your project you should prepare all these following things:

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  • Theme
  • Headboard
  • Tape measure
  • Removable hooks
  • Hook and loop tape
  • Cleat system

After all those materials are ready, you can start your project by selecting a theme for your bedroom. If you selected a rustic theme you might find an old door, gate, planks or bit of iron work. You might go further and decide you want natural branches or plant materials twisted and bent into interesting shapes. Any of these would qualify as rustic and your challenge might be deciding the best way to mount your headboard to the wall.

After all the first steps are done, you can continue the project by determining the best location for the bed in the bedroom. Usually this will be the longest wall and often it will be the wall opposite the bedroom door so that you are looking at the bed from the moment you enter the room. Measure the wall to determine the best location for the bed on that wall.

If you’ve done with the second steps, you may go to the third steps; identify challenges to mounting a headboard on the wall. If the wall is masonry, like concrete, brick or tile, then it may be difficult to drill hangers into the masonry materials. Other challenges may include short and high windows, odd niches in the wall, poor wall quality or restrictions in your rental contract to make holes in the walls. A headboard should be at least six inches wider than the bed and it should start at the top of the mattress and rise at least 12 inches.

Next, when all the third steps are done, you may go straight on the fourth steps; attach removable, non-penetrating hooks or hook and loop tapes for light-weight headboards on walls with no-hole rental restrictions. Limit your choices of headboard materials to those that are within the typical weight ranges of these non-penetrating mounting devices.

Complete and finish this project by choosing flush-mount cleat style mounting systems for larger, heavier mounts with headboards such as ironwork, gates, doors, panels, mirrors, large paintings, large metal art, and heavy decorative elements. A cleat style system is a wood board cut along its length at a 45-degree angle or an interlocking metal bar system (depending on size and style). One half of the board is mounted to the wall, the other half is mounted to the headboard. These cleats interlock when they connect. These create very secure flush headboards.

Bright and vibrant wall mounted headboards and cozy linens are essential in creating an inviting and elegant boudoir. With the right tools, you can use the headboard to create a design that takes center stage in your room.

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