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June 19, 2020 Bedroom

Easy Teen Bedroom Ideas

Make no mistake, teens grow up fast. And while their bodies are growing and their hormones are on a roller coaster, their tastes are also maturing rapidly. So while they may be interested in one band or trend one year, they may dislike that particular choice the next. With such a wild fluctuation in moods, how do you design a room that your teen will like for more than five minutes? The key of teen bedroom ideas is to choose classic design elements to create a more mature space that your teens will love to grow into.

Teenage Bedroom Ideas On A Budget

Keys of Teen Bedroom Ideas

Furniture – When your teen was a child, she may have adored their race car bed. But as she grows to be a teen, your child will probably not want to spend much time hanging out with friends in a room that looks like it could be driven by a NASCAR driver. Replace that furniture with a wood bed in a natural color and drawers that are designed to fit larger clothing.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Easy Teen Bedroom Ideas

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Storage Space – Many teens are driven by the need to acquire “stuff.” From the latest CD to jewelry to video games, kids are constantly bombarded with messages about things that they must have. And many of them will spend their allowances to fill their rooms with all of this stuff. Because of this, teens have a greater need for storage space than they did when they were children. You can help control the clutter and decorate a teen’s room by making storage a priority. A captain’s bed, for example, provides extra drawer space for things that a teen may want to tuck away. Egg crates can double as display cases for books and CDs. Shelving can be built above desks for display and out-of-the-way storage. Closet organizers can help tame an out-of-control wardrobe.

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Paint – With all the hormones and mood swings that a teen endures, it’s important to know that a room’s color can affect a teen’s mood. Studies show that red colors can make a person more agitated while pastels can relax a child. This is why in the 1970s; many schools were painted in pastel colors such as peach, pink or green. Try to avoid dark colors. If your child is fixated on a particular color choice, such as navy blue, it is okay to use it as an accent when paired with a lighter blue.

Planning for teen bedroom ideas is not always an easy task. Teens often have different opinions than those of their parents. Having a well-organized room with adequate lighting and colorful walls is one way to keep everyone in the family happy with the environment created.

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