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Oct 5th
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Dog fencing use electric can be practical to install when you have a dog as a pet. This type of fencing is basically your dog in your yard without the need for a large, intrusive fence on your property. In some areas, putting up a fence can be prohibited, such as in some developments, as an electric dog fencing is the only option. However, this type of fence is not right for all dogs. Be sure to check with your veterinarian before you install this type of fence in your garden.


Research the difference between wired and wireless electric dog fencing. It was comes with wires that must be buried underground. A wireless fence using the signals to determine the perimeter and can provide multiple levels of shocks to keep your dog in circumference. No burial is required.

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Find out how much wire comes with wired electric dog fencing and how far the signal goes to a wireless fence. The fence you choose must be able to create a complete barrier around the perimeter of your yard. Check to see which batteries are used to power the collar that comes with the electric dog fencing you choose between.
You can find necklaces with fences that come with rechargeable batteries rather than disposable batteries. Pay attention to how the shock of the collar is set. Some collars require you to call the fence company to restore shock, while others allow you to set it yourself. The shock is supposed to correct, does not cause physical pain for your dog.

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