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September 1, 2020 House Design, Interior Layout

Essential Parts of Contemporary Home Interiors

When it comes to contemporary design, the idea of “less is more” is the main focus. The literal meaning of “contemporary” is “co-existing,” which is great to keep in mind when designing contemporary home interiors: Keep the design inviting so that others can co-exist.

Contemporary Luxury Home Interiors

Ideas for Contemporary Home Interiors

Here are some ideas to help you design contemporary home interiors:

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Contemporary Metals – It’s important to incorporate bright metals when it comes to contemporary design. Metals such as stainless steel, chrome and nickel are often used in the designs of contemporary decorative accessories such as art, appliances and lamps. Metals are undeniably versatile and bring sleekness and sophistication to the design. Use metals in kitchen appliances, room accessories and wall hangings for a contemporary look.

Contemporary Lighting – Lighting is an important element of the overall contemporary design. Use light fixtures to help draw attention to and illuminate key features in the design. To bring focus to areas that are not eye catching, install track lighting on the ceiling or wall. Pot lighting is another option that allows you to direct light where it’s needed. Focal points to light in a contemporary design are dining tables or art pieces. Metal floor lamps are also contemporary accessories while providing ambient lighting at the same time.

Contemporary Texture and Color – Texture and color are two determining and defining points in contemporary design. Wall colors should be natural, letting bold-colored furniture and art pieces take the attention in the room. Balance must be created, however, so that all elements of the contemporary design are perfectly complementary of each other. Black and white are classic colors of contemporary design, but chocolate browns, grays, sandy creams and sage are also popular colors for a contemporary look. For wood surfaces, light- and dark-colored woods can be used but must maintain consistency throughout the room’s design. Opt for simple textures and colors over elaborate, confusing patterns that will throw off the overall contemporary look.

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Emphasize Line and Shape – Contemporary, like modern design, is an approach in love with the lines or shapes of objects. When choosing your furnishings in your contemporary design scheme, therefore, don’t be afraid to be bold in your choices. Look for pieces offering beautiful lines or curves, unusual shapes, and strong visual impact. Contemporary allows for a bit of quirk, and an ability to balance materials, such as wood with metal, glass with stone or brick, so express this in the furnishings you choose. Let your furnishings act as your art, and again balance is key–accentuate a stark rectangular wall, for instance, with a sinuous curving chaise or couch–or a cluster of round lamps with a geometric table. In contemporary designs, opposites attract!

Accessorize with Care – While contemporary schemes are not as cold or stark as those in modern or ultra-modern styles, you nevertheless should take care when accessorizing your rooms to keep things simple. The key to contemporary is balance and here again you want the rooms themselves to be seen, and the furnishings themselves to be the stars, not the accessories. Refrain from more than a few throw pillows when it comes to couches or beds, and avoid fussy extra elements such as ruffles, skirts or tassels. Choose fewer, larger pieces, instead–especially those that highlight any beautiful structural details in the room. Everything should look clean, simple and comfortable.

As one of today’s most popular interior design choices, design of contemporary home interiors offers a wealth of options to those seeking to decorate or personalize their homes. As a style, contemporary design straddles the line between modern and traditional styles, while leaning slightly more toward the freshness and openness of modern, but without the coldness often associated with the style.

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