Essential Things to Decorate Japanese Style Homes

Jul 5th
Traditional Japanese House
Traditional Japanese House

There are certain fundamental principles underlying Japanese style homes decorating. These basics revolve around the idea of establishing a clean, clutter-free look. Furnishings are spare and functional. Color is introduced through the use of a few carefully chosen objects.

The style focuses on creating a spacious environment rather than filling a space. Because this technique is straightforward, it’s easy to employ to create Japanese style homes. These are essential things you should pay attention.

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Simplicity – One of the most important nuances of Japanese decorating is the element of simplicity. Achieve this look with streamlined furniture and accessories. Steer clear of any items with intricate or detailed inlays. Beds, tables and chairs should be simple is design and have straight lines. Look for sleek, polished finishes for a smooth look. Choose comfortable cushions for your sofa and chairs and place several large floor cushions around a low table for added interest.

Balance – The concept of balance, or yin-yang, is significant within Japanese culture and this principle is carried through in home decoration. Arrange rooms with the idea of balance in mind. Keep large furnishings on opposite sides of the room. For example, in the bedroom, put your armoire or dresser opposite the bed. You can also achieve balance with color. Neutral colors create a sense of harmony and you can use them liberally throughout your rooms. Cream, off-white and tan are ideal colors to use, as they present a neutral base. Select furnishings in dark or black lacquer to contrast with the neutral shade. Add pops of primary colors with single objects to make a dramatic impact without upsetting the balance in the room.

Minimalist – Like simplicity, a minimalist approach is common with Japanese decorating because it evokes a sense of harmony. Keep rooms as clutter-free as possible and use only a few decorative items. Frequently in Japanese design a special area is set aside to highlight a prized object. It can be set off through the use of screens to further define the space. You can rotate the display of any of your prized possessions in this way. Incorporate furnishings that will serve more than one function. Decorative boxes can be used for storage and will also enhance the decor. If possible, find a bed with drawers underneath to store seasonal items.

Nature – Nature is a crucial aspect of the Japanese style of decorating and you can bring it into your home with a variety of textures. Grass cloth wallpaper and natural grasses in vases add interest. Rice-paper screens and lanterns, wicker baskets, bamboo shades and wooden lacquered furnishings are other items that will bring nature and texture into your rooms.

Japanese style homes decorating provide harmony, balance, aesthetic appeal and cultural appreciation. Additionally, it is minimalist and easy to implement if you are redecorating your home. Simply apply paint in an appropriate color, rearrange your furniture to create balance, place decorative mats on the floor and add a few pretty accessories.

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