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Finding Vintage Accessories for Victorian Home Decorations

Vintage accessories for Victorian home decorations are simple to create if you cannot find them online. There are books that show you how to do exactly that. Here we will also show how a little bit of searching can bring treasures that may very well match you Victorian decor, and help your wallet as well. Victorian design can be broken into groups. There is high Victorian, in which the design is very formal. There is also shabby or country Victorian, which is casual and simplified. Either way, Victorian home decor is a really fun way to decorate your historical Victorian home. Some people do modernize them; but we think that is horrible. History is quaint and worth preserving. There are even places you can get modern conveniences that look and match the old Victorian decor. So, where to start?

Best Victorian Home Decorations

First of all, let’s concentrate on the little pieces that will be used to design the home from. Basic color palettes and vintage things will be accents for your Victorian home decor. Head over to your local antique shop and scan for some treasures. The Victorian period dates from 1837-1901. So look for pieces that date to that time. Have fun with it and remember you may find a real treasure at bargain prices.

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The second place to find Victorian home decorations, is exactly at garage sales. Yes, they too may hold the very treasures you seek. While some things are simply junk; there is a way to check the validity of the item.

There are the simple things first. Look closely at the piece. Does it have things on it that are dated to after the period it is from? We should see this all of the time. It is ridiculous how often this happens as a shop attempts to sell a “Victorian” collectible, that is really from the mom and pop shop down the street. Look for wording such as authentic. Also, look for papers that validate the piece. Many antique vendors will have these. Some may not so you need a good reference book for this.

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You may also check this out; Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide by: Kyle Husfloen. It will help you not only identify a Victorian piece, but know what it is worth as well. Truly it’s a great asset as you proceed down the path toward finding the things to your Victorian home decor. Then there is the business of authenticating the home decor structural accents. These are the ultimate in updating your home into a Victorian masterpiece.

There is an excellent book called; Turn-of-the-Century Doors, Windows and Decorative Millwork: The Mulliner Catalog of 1893 by: Mulliner Box. It is a lovely book that helps you choose what pieces work for your Victorian home as you redecorate. We recommend it to you as a good read as well; if you are into history you will really enjoy it. It covers so many aspects of the history of the time period in decorating. It also tells you how to create your own reproductions at a fraction of the cost. It is well worth the read.

When it comes to reproduction appliances from the Victorian era; you cannot beat this site: They have everything for your design dreams. Make a modern home that looks completely authentic to the Victorian era. It is a really neat site to just spend hours looking through. Enjoy.

So, vintage accessories for Victorian home decorations are easy to find if you follow the above guides, and how to find books to create your own pieces should you be unable to find them. Soon you too can be proud of your masterpiece in your home that you decorated yourself.

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