Five Contemporary Kitchen Island Ideas

Aug 18th
Modern Compact Kitchen Island
Modern Compact Kitchen Island

The kitchen is one of the areas where it’s best to keep up with the changes when it comes to technological improvements and functional design changes. It’s an area where efficiency is important and where every inch of space counts. It’s also an area where contemporary furniture looks particularly beautiful because of the simplicity and functionally-designed details. Contemporary kitchen island ideas have a distinct sense of cleanness and they always look like they were made just for your kitchen. Here are a few examples.

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This contemporary kitchen has a simple but also elegant interior design. All the furniture, including the island, follows simple but clean and stylish lines. The color palette chosen includes natural shades and the combination of wood and light accent details is very beautiful and the result is a chic and stylish kitchen décor.

12 Picture Gallery: Five Contemporary Kitchen Island Ideas

Contemporary kitchen islands are almost always defined by minimalism and clean, straight lines. This one, for example, has a very interesting shape. It’s so simple but, at the same time, it’s so eye-catching. The island has plenty of countertop space as well as a clever and beautifully integrated storage space.

If your kitchen has been designed to have a very clean look, with cabinets that have no pulls, cohesive and continuous lines and an overall minimalist look, then the kitchen island should feature the same characteristics. This one might not have the storage space some other designs offer but it has a unique minimalist design that, in this case, complements the kitchen perfectly.

 The kitchen island doesn’t necessarily have to be a freestanding piece. It can also be incorporated into a space-dividing wall and it would also serve as a bar. In this kitchen, for example, the island serves as a great work surface and lass a large countertop but it can also be used a bar. Moreover, it introduces vibrant colors into the decor.

Sometimes a compact kitchen island is the best solution for kitchens that don’t have much space to spare. And since the space is limited, an island with a very simple design would work even better as it would not make the room feel cluttered or over decorated. Accessorize it with one or two colorful chairs and you can also save space by using it as a bar or breakfast table.

A contemporary kitchen including a contemporary kitchen island uses styles that incorporate a modern, streamlined, geometric and minimalist look. Contemporary kitchens are simple and unadorned, although most homeowners like to add personal touches.

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