How To Frame A Barrel Roof

Oct 13th
Top Barrel Roof
Top Barrel Roof

How To Frame A Barrel Roof – A barrel roof is a curved roof. The term barrel roof comes from the fact that, as viewed from below, they resemble the interior of a vessel. A barrel-roof is essentially a half cylinder built by placing a number of arcs next to each other. The ends may be flat or curved. In contrast to the roof of a dome, a barrel roof can be used to cover a rectangular building, because there is a uniform cross-section.

The first to frame a barrel roof cut two arch shapes from 3/4 inch plywood. The arches must be at least 6 inches wide then glue and screws two arcs together. Cut a notch at the height of the finished bow. This will form a rafter for the barrel roof. Making enough stretch from the beams of one side of the roof of the vessel to the other, 16 inches apart to be built beams. Install the bars on the top plates of the dormer. A ridge cut to the correct length and place in the notches at the top of the beams. A length of timber cut long enough to run from one of the ledges on three of the beams. This will be used as a compass. Mark the passer in increments of 16-inch, corresponding to the placement of the beams. Staple Rosin paper roof enclosure next to the ridge, this will be the form of a pattern so that valley boards for the beams.

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Tape a level the passer to frame a barrel roof. Tape a pencil on one end of the passer, to ensure that it is perpendicular to the level. The compass of Reason the outside of each rafter let the pencil trace the shape on the paper of the resin. Repeat this procedure on the inside of each rafter. Remove the paper from the resin. Transfer the resin to 3/4 inch plywood, and use it as a pattern to cut curved valley boards. Glue the boards of the valley to the main roof casing and tie with crews. Place the compass on the last rafter. The first brand lineup with the rafter, push it down until it contacts the board of the valley. Measure from the bottom uses the compass to the upper dormer plate. Use to highlight the measurement of distance on each stage of the beams. Draw a straight line between the two marks. A roll make cuts along each of these lines, install the beams. Curved envelope made of two to three layers of quarter-inch plywood can now be confirmed.

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