French Press Travel Mug to Take Away

Oct 28th
Using French Press Travel Mug
Using French Press Travel Mug

French press travel mug – In the capuccino foam is something very important, any expert in the subject will be able to corroborate this. With the foam and its aroma, one can get lost in the beauty of this cup, with a special opening to fit the foam. These cups are usually served in specialized cafes, so you can drink in hot, but also let them cool, both contrasts taste delicious. Enjoy this experience in your traveling.

Espresso coffee requires french press travel mug of coffee especially small and delicate, to be glass. With these cups of coffee we can see how quickly the foam of this coffee that is served especially hot, this image is a classic. To enjoy the espresso you should choose the tulip-shaped cups if you like to cool quickly, while if you like hot you should choose the thick wall, yes, do not forget to take them by the handle!

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Ideal for days in a hurry and very healthy for the days that you do not feel like wasting time at home. There is nothing like being able to take your coffee down the street, a walk to work, the university, to take a walk in the countryside or to take it to a picnic or mountain, the french press travel mug of coffee to carry are made with stainless steel Offer a thermal possibilities that allow you to keep coffee hot for longer.

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