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Garden Pergola Design Ideas

A large number of people are opting for garden pergola design ideas to inject life into their garden and to get relaxing shade. An ability to turn an unused landscape into an outdoor living area; create a tranquil ambience; and ability to uplift garden’s beauty are just more than enough reasons to have a garden pergola at home. These structures are available in stunning and varieties of shapes, including curve, semi-circle, square, etc.

Elegant Garden Pergola Design Ideas

Garden Pergola Design Ideas: Planning to Build

They are sometimes freestanding and sometimes attached with the house. In every design, they carry a magnificent attraction, but only if they are designed appropriately, because looks will not alone make an impression if it is not practically functional and durable. Therefore, designing a garden pergola can be a daunting task, especially for those who are doing it for the first time. You can ease off the complexity involved by following step by step procedure and keeping few things in mind.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Garden Pergola Design Ideas

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Image of: Beautify Your Garden with Pergola

Select the spot where you want to house a pergola. Take accurate measurement of the area and write the dimensions in a paper. Also ensure the stability of space by determining the location of foundation to be placed that would keep the pergola in its original shape and form.

Collect photos and images of garden pergola design ideas you liked. Research websites to get additional design ideas. Home improvement stores can be also a very good spot to get practical experience where garden pergolas are displayed for sample designs.

Once you have got an idea of the design, referring the images and photos draw a design in a graph paper. It should include all the important details such as support beams, post, width, thickness, etc. and all the details should be written above the sketch or in separate piece of paper attached with the graph sheet.

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Assess the kind of lattice work you want to be hanged over each post. It can be designed dense and may not if not needed. However, if you want better shade, go denser lattice.

Choose the kind of material you want to build it depending on how you will be using it. If you are planning to grow heavy fruits like grapevine, go for stronger options like wood. Timber has a long life if maintained at least yearly. Aluminum and steel are also other alternative of wood if you are not much interested in devoting time for maintenance.

Check the area if there is any utility company like electrical wires, water lines, underground gas pipelines, etc. Also, check for the depth of the frost line in the area to ensure it doesn’t get disturbed while digging for foundation. Means, the base of each post must be below the frost line to prevent movement.

If you are building pergola on the ground or soil, dig at least three feet deep, so that you can ensure that each post is placed at accurate location and are leveled equally. Then fill each hole with concrete after placing the posts and leave it to sit with some extra support so that they set and stand straight after concrete gets dry.

When you have designed and established a garden pergola, it is time to decorate it. You can enhance its beauty in varieties of ways. You can hang some flowering plant baskets at the outer edges of roof or lattice. You can go for seasonal plants or those that bloom round the year.

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Vines are also a very good idea to get natural shade. You can plant any vine, flowering or grape vines at each corner or near the posts. After a couple of months you will discover it has climbed the pergola and covered entire trellis. But make sure when they grow you shape them according to the design of pergola by tying and directing their growing stems. If you want to keep it neat, place some planted or flower pots around the deck or just single large pot with bush plant. It will give it a fantastic look.

For those who are creative can experiment with colorful chiffon curtains. Hang chiffon curtains to the roof and tie them to the posts. With small size sofas and a short height table, it will create a marvelous impact. When you are planning to house a garden pergola, why not built it in a way that you will praise for life long? Try these tips of garden pergola design ideas whenever you think to build a pergola, now or later.

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